Get What You Want PART FOUR

You now are in a position to clearly recognise what you want and need to change.
You want something worthwhile, something that can transform your life.
Let’s do a review of the action steps that you will take.

This is where you are:

You know what you want.
Your aim is clear.

You have decided to observe your reactions to all of the events in your life, to make sure you are 100% faithful to your aim.

You have started to practice separation from your current, habitual states, those negative states that cause you to believe you cannot aim extraordinarily high.

You are beginning to operate from a psychological, emotional and physiological state of excellence.

In fact, you realise you are at liberty to let go of any undesirable states.

You now know how to recognise how you respond to most events.
You know you do not need to go round and round in circles with the same problems each and every day.

This belongs to the past.
You have chosen to let go.
You now see problems as inner states and not as outer situations.

Why did you choose this process?

Because you know that change, meaningful, life transforming change, rarely happens.
You decided to do something about it.
You are different.
You created one single challenging aim.
Then you began the process, the change process, of self-observation, where all real change must start.

You are determined to get what you want.

You will practice and continue to practice separating yourself from all of your negative states.
You are psychologically, emotionally and physiologically attached to your aim.

You are doing this by assuming the feelings of already having your aim fulfilled.
You can see yourself getting your aim.
There it is!
It looks good!

You are brave enough to practice separating yourself from all of your negative thoughts and moods even in the middle of any trouble, concern or problem, that may arise, well will arise to knock you off balance and out of the game.

You will not allow this to happen.
This takes discipline, courage and commitment.
But you have this.

You have decided to take action to continue on this journey in a disciplined, thoughtful and winning way for a minimum of 60 days.

Why so long?

Because you know your unconscious mind will challenge you, people will test you, and life itself will certainly try to stop you, but by being faithful to your aim you will get it.

You will get what you want.
And let’s face it.
You always get more of what you focus on.
It is inevitable.
You will get what you want.

You realise that you cannot be different from what you are unless you practice separating yourself from your present reactions.

You have identified yourself completely with your aim.
Those negative states, moods and thoughts are beginning to belong to the past.

Your aim is clear.
You can see it, hear it, and feel it.
The door is open. You know what you need to do, you know the action steps that are required.

You are operating from a psychological, emotional and physiological state of excellence.
Everything is ready, it is primed for you to go and get your aim.

Remember, you have many faces, many skills, many talents, and many terrific attributes, so why not to put them to use?
Just go ahead and give yourself permission to get what you want.

Your aim is now perfectly clear.

You know the action steps required.
You can plan it, now go ahead and fulfil your dreams.

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