Get What You Want PART FIVE

How can you transform something totally chaotic into something close to perfection?

The theory of probability states that it is possible to predict with almost remarkable precision that the overall result of a large number of separate, individual events is predictable.

Some kind of order is produced out of something totally chaotic.

In other words, a large number of uncertain events can end in something certain.

How is this possible, and how can such a mathematical fact be used to change your life?

In this first of a two-part sequence let’s discuss this rather strange phenomenon.

And in the next part how it can be used to drive phenomenal results.

There are some staggering statistics that verify this scientific fact.

For example, the number of dogs biting people in New York is about the same each year.
Great, so how do the dogs seem to know when to stop biting?

It’s a mystery, but shows the paradoxical nature of probability.

There is some form of mysterious force at play here.
A force even scientists can’t properly explain.

Of course, the laws of probability and the law of large numbers can be explained, but the result is still a paradox.

Certainty out of uncertainty is tricky to explain let alone understood.

If the cause cannot be explained the effects can be accepted because it can be proven.

If a series of unpredictable events results in a predictable result, what is there to prevent you from looking at your life right now and turning your results upside down?

And at any moment you choose.

If you have been getting ordinary results, what is there to prevent you from connecting all of these disappointing events and transforming them into something extraordinary?

After all, dogs can do it, so why not me and you?

So, order from disorder is inexplicable.
But it happens.
All the time, without fail.

There are all kinds of energies in the universe.
For example, kinetic, potential, thermal, electrical, nuclear, and they can all be converted from one form to another.

Perhaps parapsychological phenomena of all kinds including telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, synchronicity, and so on, all exist.

They may well be beyond our understanding.
So, what’s new?
I don’t even know why the sky is blue!
But it is.

The brain acts like a filtering system.

It seems to want to protect us from unwanted signals, so we delete, distort and generalise the information we receive.
This becomes a habit.
Poor results are the effect.

Why not allow your rational mind to accept wildly different information to filter through?

Change your thinking and you will begin to create a different kind of order from your own chaos.

So, start to think differently.
Do things in a different way.
Make it a habit.
Get at cause for everything in your life.
The effects will startle you.

Allow your senses to visualise and feel what it is like to succeed outrageously.
Be a different you.

This will quickly alter how you behave.

Brilliant results could swiftly follow.

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