Take Action – Stop Being Busy!

Is there room at the top?
There’s always room at the top!
It may be time to elbow your way in.
No matter what you do, how would it feel to be at the very top of your game?

Now I don’t know what you do, but would bet that you probably could improve at least one aspect of your performance in a key area of your life.

This, of course, would be particularly true in a career sense, but is not restricted solely to business.

It may well be that you are unsure of exactly where you should focus your attention, nor if you did know, what action to take.

A question:
When it comes to making a big move are you more passive or active?
Do you accept the status quo with good grace, or do you strive for a bigger bite out of life?

In truth, most of us settle for second best, after all the comfort zone is, well, rather warm and oh so cosy.

Another question:
What is the one attribute needed to drive success?

It boils down to taking action, sometimes massive action.
With the two extremes, Action Man gets results while Passive Man gets regrets.

The funny thing is that every day people come up with ideas they could run with, at times simple yet brilliant ideas, but these brainwaves get buried, get lost due to a lack of action.

Isn’t it time to bury the words “it might have been?” or “I could have…”
Isn’t it time to alter this mindset?

You can’t achieve a goal without taking action!
The only cure for stage fright is to take action.
Slap on the make up and take centre stage.

Taking action creates confidence.
Action strengthens confidence.
Confidence gets results.
It keeps you going while others give up.

Confidence works like a placebo.
It makes you feel healthy.
If something is put off it will simply become even harder to do.
Taking action is the answer.

You can overcome all doubt, all fear, all procrastination, all lack of self-belief, all lack of confidence by taking action.

Here’s a suggestion.
Make a list of what you should be doing.
Prioritise it.
Take a quick glance and then mentally roll up your sleeves.
Then get going.
Don’t deliberate.
Don’t hesitate.
Don’t postpone.
Don’t waver.
Get going.

Do this every day until you have formed a new habit.
At some point, look again at your list and do the most unpleasant, least agreeable task first.
Move through your list in this way every day.

Make this a mechanical process that you repeat every day.
Keep doing it until you have formed the action habit.
A disagreeable task? No problem!
You’ll never look back.

Why write the tasks down?
This act alone will strengthen your resolve.
Start right now.
Drop the word “later”.
Make “now” your key word.
“Right now” seems even better.

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