Change Beliefs PART TWO

A simple truism:
The results in your life are based on your behaviour.

In the previous part I said:
“Tell me your beliefs and I’ll tell you what your life looks like.”

Well, the most productive and effective way to change your behaviour is to change your beliefs.

Now, virtually all behaviour is chosen.
The choice is almost always yours, it’s more or less entirely up to you.
So, what is implied by choice?

Let’s take a step back and put first things first.
Choice for many people is only psychologically accepted once their basic needs have been met.

When this has been accomplished people think about what needs to be done to continue satisfying future needs.

Most of your beliefs were formed when you were quite young.
What happened in the past has everything to do with what you are today.
And in most cases what you will be in the future.

In truth, the only person whose behaviour you can completely control is your own.

Behaviour is made up of how you think, how you feel and how you act.

And it’s all driven by your beliefs.

Even though how you behave is your choice, for it to be different you have to control how you think first.

The way you feel is indirectly caused by the way you choose to think and choose to act.

How you think about yourself is based on your beliefs.

This includes patterns of positive and limiting beliefs.

In life, virtually all psychological problems are relationship problems and the most important relationship you have…you guessed it, is the one you have with yourself.
How you feel about yourself is cobbled together through your beliefs.

Given your beliefs totally dominate your present life, it makes sense to take a forensic look at some of them.
This is a choice you can make with optimism.

Once you choose to rework your beliefs, and begin the process of change, you will gather momentum and before long find yourself running not walking.

You might even find yourself leaping as you run.
You will lose your fear.
You will gain enormous energy.
The insights you will experience and enjoy will cause an explosion of action.

It’s likely that the bumpiest ride you will take in your life has already taken place.
At the least you know how to deal with adversity.

To become the most effective person you can be comes down to exercising personal choice.

You can choose to put aside your habits, the thinking patterns and actions you have established overtime, by modifying your beliefs.
You can do this creatively and imaginatively.

Once you pass through the comfort zone that your beliefs represent, you will overcome limitations and uncertainty, and pick up speed.

Why not choose to reconsider your beliefs?

And be bold.
You are not saddled with them – they do not have to be permanent.

You will look back at these grey areas and be proud that you decided to act.

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