Change Beliefs PART TWELVE

Tomorrow morning when you wake up, would you like to rise with a sense of energy and vitality?

Would you like to combine a feeling of relaxation with a sharp sense of alertness as you make contact with the world?

Such a combination of vitality and inner peace can transform your day.

Here’s some simple facts:

Your results are based on how you behave.
Your behavior is based on your habits.
Your habits are based on your beliefs.
Your beliefs drive your thinking.
And round and round it goes.

Why not start the day in the best possible way?
It all begins and can change with how you think and feel on a given day.
It’s incredibly useful to be more aware of everything going on inside you.
Becoming more connected with the present is the starting point.

Take a closer look at your environment.
Is there anything new you can see? Include smells and tastes in addition to sights and sounds.
How does this make you feel?

As you use your senses find a way to anchor each of them.

Now consider how you might add some variety to your environment.
This will directly affect your behavior in the environment.
How could you behave differently to get an improved result?

Look at a behavior you would like to change.
Find out what it is you would like to do instead.
Ask yourself what prevents you from doing what you ideally want.

Think about something that outweighs the motivation that prevents you from doing what you would like to do.
For example, you might want to lose weight, but hate the idea of exercising.

So, a higher order of thinking could be your health and self-image.
The protection of your family may spring to mind.

Go ahead and write down a statement that affirms this.

The statement could be something like:
“Even though I hate the idea of exercising I realize I could be putting my family at risk, and I would much prefer to look good, and feel healthy.”

Finally, find a way to achieve the desired behavior that does not cause you to feel bad about exercising.
In other words, what form of exercise could you begin to do that is acceptable?

Now make a plan, a strategy, for how you will begin to do this, and build it into a routine.

Once undertaken solidly, a new habit will quickly form, and the belief that your health is important will become a priority in your life.

Look for ways to alter your environment.
Behavioural change will swiftly follow and you will enjoy the results.

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