Change Beliefs PART TEN

If you want a personal breakthrough decide to tackle, confront and eliminate a limiting belief.
And now is the right time!

As you learn and grow, as you develop, you unconsciously register your memories and life experiences.

More specifically, all significant emotional events are stored in your subconscious.

And often these experiences result in negative emotions and limiting beliefs.

Why is this?
Well, they often occur at a very early age when you would not have the wisdom nor the capacity to properly deal with them.
However, this information is organized so that later it can be accessed.

Unfortunately, mental barriers get formed, and you can get easily disconnected from your own true capabilities.
Before long you can abandon attempting anything outside your comfort zone.

At least, you can steadfastly refuse to go through any door that may challenge how you think, and how you genuinely feel about yourself deep down.

And once your mind is boxed in, in this way, it imprisons your potential, it can blur your creativity, and it can even dash your ability to be everything you could possibly be.

Your brain is constantly making connections.
It is a pattern matching machine.

Its purpose is the search for meaning through these connections.
To do this it assembles thoughts, feelings, self-talk, memories,possible actions, past decisions, behavior, and so on.

It strips out and reengineers this information in its attempt to make complete sense of it.

Once you form a powerful and emotionally attached limiting belief you can be prevented from taking advantage of what may be possible for you.

The door remains closed.
The challenge is to take one of these connections – a limiting belief – and investigate whether it holds true for you today.

In all probability it doesn’t, even though it can be stopping you from getting even better results.

Determination and willpower are wonderful attributes to have but they are not enough.

You can use the analogy of Russian dolls as a way to think about yourself.
On the outer, the surface, everything appears to be, well, quite normal.
As you peel away the layers – open up the dolls – the more dolls you open up, the less is concealed.
Now you are getting closer to how you really think and believe about yourself – the deeper structure of your meaning.
And before long everything can be revealed.

Now flip the switch.
Select a belief, a limiting belief, that you feel may be preventing you from getting the results that you could get.
Just label and write it down.
Now, see the outer doll, the larger doll as this limiting belief.
Then use your imagination, and remove the outer doll.
Look at the smaller doll and ask yourself some specific questions:

What implications exist for accepting this limiting belief at this age and stage of your life?
How has this belief affected your recent activities?
What more could you possibly achieve if you didn’t feel weighed down by this belief?
Just be aware that this is a relatively recent representation of your life when you’ve saddled yourself with this belief.

Again, use your imagination and remove the next layer.
Ask yourself the same or similar questions.
Then begin to question when and why the belief was formed and see if you can get to root cause when it originally occurred, and then consider what have you done to challenge its validity.
And continue with this until you comfortably feel you are at the smallest doll.

Now you should have WHEN and WHY the belief was formed.
Ask your unconscious if you’re not sure.
If necessary, just close your eyes, ask your unconscious, and it will tell you.

By now, if you take your time, you should have a thorough understanding of the derivation, your ongoing experience through various life stages, and whether the belief has current merit, any future merit in being held on to.

Chances are it’s served its purpose and should be consigned to a museum.
Make it a museum piece.
You could even elicit this information by drawing your experience, your journey with this limiting belief as a kind of mental mind map.

A diagram of your subjective experiences with this belief will help you to let go of the belief, and then you can go ahead and use this information to create the future that you want for yourself.

Make each major life stage one of the branches, and the self-imposed limitations can branch off it as you revisit each of your experiences.

At each branch ask yourself whether the belief should have been shelved.
Have a go and discover your own history with this belief.
Then decide to let it go.

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