Change Beliefs PART SIX

Do you ever find yourself getting tangled in what seems like a web of problems?
Or keep duplicating behavior that doesn’t get the best results?
If so, perhaps it’s time to look at your beliefs.

It is an eye-opener to take a personal inventory of your habits.
Most people get caught up doing the same things in the same way each and every day.
Taking a more creative approach to the day seldom makes any to-do list.

Habit is like an infinitely long highway.
It gets you to a place, but you miss so much on the journey and your curiosity is compromised and stifled.

Life is so much more exhilarating when you exercise choice.
To become a highly effective person requires having choice, being able to choose one or more ways to reach a specific destination.

Now the human mind is a complex system that seems to thrive on curiosity and creativity.
It is stimulated by chaos.

It’s natural to produce habits borne out of your beliefs.

It’s rare to look at your own inventory of beliefs and decide where an adjustment would be beneficial – even transformative.

Limiting beliefs play a significant role in the habits you learn.
They strengthen the rules that govern all of your actions.

As you know, everybody experiences problems.
They are unavoidable.
Yet, it is surprising just how many problems are caused by and exacerbated by the beliefs we unconsciously hold to be 100% certain.

Perhaps it’s time to pause and reflect.
Problems can get twisted and coiled together.
You can easily feel snared, confused and trapped.

Once in this state it becomes troublesome even hopeless to see a way clear.
Yet, on reflection, how many of your problems have been created by you, most certainly unknowingly created?
Just how do you free yourself from the maze?

The ultimate and most effective way is to confront your limiting beliefs.
Take them on.
Recognize, acknowledge and challenge them.

In life, I think it’s reasonable to suggest we get what we ask for.
The flip side is equally true.
We don’t get what we don’t ask for.

Do you enlist your unconscious mind to help you get what you want?
Have you ever enlisted your unconscious mind to confront and replace a limiting belief?
So many problems are the result of beliefs that have far outlived their usefulness – they are like museum pieces.

Identifying your own limiting beliefs is the first step.
It is smart to write them down.
This in part begins to loosen their grip.

Change and improved results begins with an assessment of the rules you have about yourself – your beliefs.

Be confident: They can be spontaneously changed.
Choice with determination is the pivot upon which change is balanced.

Take some time out.
Take two or three limiting beliefs.
Write them down.
Start with just one of the big ones if you prefer.

Then use your imagination and create one of more images to represent each belief.
Simple drawings will suffice.

Think creatively: a bowl of spaghetti, highway madness, a brilliant rainbow, the circus, a fireworks display, traffic lights on red, a caged animal, camping, mountaineering…whatever.

Do not overthink – just imagine and draw.
The decisive thing to be aware of is that the unconscious mind responds to symbols.

It is highly symbolic by nature.
It is pointless directing your unconscious mind through descriptive language – it simply will not respond.

When interpreting a drawing allow your conscious mind to fathom what is metaphorically implied.

For example, a bowl of spaghetti may indicate confusion – perhaps not knowing how to make sense of something.
But, of course, you can.
This is an insight.

Now you have a metaphor for the belief.
If the metaphor signifies confusion then you may need to create a new metaphor based on simplicity and clarity.

Ask yourself: What is it about each belief that traps you, that engulfs you?
Take the images and begin to think of ways to unscramble the belief.
Be thorough.

Cut through the psychological habits that empower the belief.
Consider in depth what needs to be done to get rid of the belief.
Do not rush this.
Take your time and get a bird’s eye perspective on the belief.
Be thorough.

You are looking for metaphors.
Do I really need to hold on to this belief? Is there a payoff?
Imagine what you will see, hear and feel once the limiting belief has vanished.
What will you now believe?
What will you now experience?
How will your life be different?

Take a deep breath and imagine being free of its control.

It will be nothing short of a personal transformation.
It could lead to something magical.
You may be surprised how the solution to a limiting belief is captured by the images you create.

What do your images represent?
What do they imply?
Where do they lead?
And importantly, what are you destined to do now you have started to put them under the microscope?

So many problems can be eliminated through exploring belief change.

Once a limiting belief is tackled through analysis, curiosity, creativity, and choice, it loses its power.
The shackles are broken.
You are then capable of spontaneous self-organisation and growth.

Decide to exercise choice.
Choice is never a single highway, a road to one place.

All of your mental pictures, feelings, sounds and self-talk contain specific qualities.
These qualities are how you structure a belief.
You can change any belief by altering these qualities.
Start with images.

In the meantime, don’t delay – choose to identify and write down your limiting beliefs.

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