Change Beliefs PART SEVEN

Would you like to improve the results you are getting in well, ANY area of your life?
If yes, this is the perfect time to look at your beliefs.

There is a direct correlation between your results and your beliefs.
Beliefs that limit you play a significant role in the habits you learn.
They strengthen the rules that govern all of your actions.

So many problems are exacerbated by the beliefs we hold to be 100% certain.
Acceptance of certain beliefs can cause fear and uncertainty, and block your progress.

It’s time to free yourself from the problem maze.
Perhaps the most effective way to improve your results is to confront the limiting beliefs that hold you back.

I said in the previous part, you need to take them on.
That is, recognize, acknowledge and challenge them.

In chaos and order theory, there is a term called the “bifurcation point.”
This can be called the point of “overwhelm”.

Once you find yourself in a state of overwhelm with one thing, there is a tendency to get overwhelmed with everything.

Limiting beliefs grip hard and fast.
They are a catalyst for overwhelm and will not easily let go.

In health, for example, a bifurcation point is the moment where a body either breaks down, or it moves towards a better state.
Disease can be manifested, or the body can be elevated to a higher order.

This point can be regarded as the Moment of Truth.

A bifurcation occurs when a small change made to the parameters of a system causes a sudden change in its behaviour.

At every bifurcation point there is the possibility — a choice of some kind, that acts to stabilize the system.

It can go two ways.
It can be at a less functional state if it is part of a downward trend, or it could reorganize at a higher functioning level as part of an upward trend.

If you’ve ever seen a person falling down stairs, like in a movie, you might notice there seems to be a point in the fall where a pause occurs.
It is like a freeze frame – time literally stands still.
Even your brain freezes as you watch it.
Either the fall stops, or the pause is swiftly followed by an acceleration in the fall.

So, what has happened?
The existing chaos or entropy is brought to a point of resolution.
I am suggesting that all beliefs experience a bifurcation point.
Initially they are loosely formed, and are either discarded, or made permanent.

The big question:
Can you push a system back to its original state once it has been established?

A limiting belief can be resolved once you recognize, acknowledge and challenge it.
Once you recognize and acknowledge how a limiting belief is affecting your results and you decide to take action you are reaching a bifurcation point.

The first step is simple:
Go ahead and identify a limiting belief – something substantial, something really significant.
Write it down.

Now a big decision needs to be made – a decisive decision.

The opportunity for change is there.
Decide to take it.

The challenge is centred around the fact that the mind and the body have been so conditioned by familiarity that it finds stability in its present state.

In other words it is much easier to retain the status quo and give up on the idea of change even if the outcome can result in transformation.

If you step up and challenge the belief you are about to enter a bifurcation process and it is more than possible to successfully move through it if determination, discipline, diligence, dedication and desire fire your momentum.

So, a bifurcation process can bring possibility once you take ownership, and decide it’s time to make real change.
There will be more on this.

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