Change Beliefs PART NINE

You can overcome any self-doubt that might be holding you back.

In this video I’d like to show you one way to do this.

Once it is accepted that you literally learn a number of limiting beliefs relatively early in life, it becomes imperative to understand the impact they can have on the results that can be achieved in so many areas of life, whether it’s career, relationships, health, financial and so on, and then it becomes really important to challenge their validity.

How are the limiting beliefs formed?

Well, in a way your nervous system and your mind get contaminated with unresolved negative emotions and limiting decisions.

As you develop, your experiences, your memories, and the beliefs based on those decisions are stored.
But the unconscious goes a step further – it stores the information in discrete categories, chronologically, so it can be retrieved, processed and updated, if you choose to do this.

It’s so important to realize is that you are not born with these limitations.
At birth your mind is perfectly clear.
And your imagination is pure dynamite, it’s really primed for action – it knows no boundaries.

Every significant emotional experience, and its emotional repercussion, is not only stored, it can also create a negative emotion and a limiting belief.
In turn these experiences loom to quickly govern your actions.
These beliefs become the rules that dominate your thinking, and the decisions you make about yourself, and your capabilities.

These rules are unconsciously adopted and believed in one hundred percent.
Rules being rules.
These beliefs become a self-imposed maze, and it can be a struggle to find your way through.

By the way, many limiting beliefs serve a positive purpose, even though they are negative and restrictive.

Limiting beliefs are often formed to protect and keep us safe.
Unfortunately, these beliefs are mental barriers that stunt the potential to fully utilize your resources.

It is easy to become dissociated from what is possible.
Attempting to succeed when saddled with limiting beliefs, well, is like trying to jog barefoot through treacle.
Don’t try it!
The mind maze formed is likely to obstruct your progress in some areas.
This is why you need to know your mind.

You know it’s all too easy to wonder around feeling trapped in your own thinking maze unable to break free to get the results that you want.

Doing the same thing in the same way every day doesn’t change anything.
To resolve a barrier you need to separate the intention of the belief from the behavior that it causes.

Just consider what other way could you learn and use, a way that still preserves the benefit, even something like protection, without compromising your ability to get improved results.

As you know we are creatures of habit, not only physically in what we do, but also psychologically, in how we choose to think.

Rather than being caught in such a maze, you can change, transform and transcend into something, well, quite amazing, by tackling what the maze conceals.
In other words, identify and challenge a limiting belief.
Well, how?

Well, here’s one solution.
Use your gifts of imagination and curiosity.
Think what may be possible for you if you let go of a limiting belief.
Day dream about it! Even dare to consider what may seem to be impossible for you… right now, but probably isn’t.

Just allow your imagination find a way through the maze.
It will if you let it.
There’s always a time to be practical, now is the time to be curious.

Your imagination can make your reality simply seem like a work in progress.
Not set in concrete.
However, like any work in progress action is required.
The difference between a dream and a goal is a timeline. So, action must be taken.

Just go ahead and look back at the past when a belief was originally formed and think about it.

Now, use your imagination, look into the future, close your eyes, and allow yourself to
create the kind of future you would really love to make happen.
Then take a limiting belief and flip it, so you’ve virtually got the polar opposite, and then close your eyes, look into the future, and just imagine how life will be for you when you fully employ this new belief.
And repeat this several times.
Really imagine it, and then take action.

A feature of the unconscious is that it doesn’t distinguish between something that actually happened and something that you imagine happened.

Why not go ahead and imagine yourself succeeding with the new belief!

You know, limiting beliefs can cause you to no longer see, no longer hear, no longer feel, no longer smell, and no longer taste what success is really like, and also no longer touch, and no longer consider your own attributes and talents.

And once you steadfastly begin to dream daily about what is possible and make this a habit, the puzzle, the riddle, what the maze represents can be unscrambled, and like a breath of fresh air you can go forward in your life feeling unrestricted and really create the future that you would ideally love to have.

Perhaps it’s time to expand your vision.
Explore what you will achieve when you decide to let go of all self-doubt. Day dream about it!
Imagine it!

This can be a tipping point, a moment when you adjust the parameters of your thinking and cause your mind to transition to a new belief.

And your imagination and curiosity will point the way; will help you to achieve it.

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