How to Influence TIP 6

Welcome to another How to Influence suggestion.

As said, clearly, knowing HOW to influence others will improve your results.

And, to repeat, you will literally transform your communication skills by using powerful suggestions.

THe trick is to use them in combinations.

Obviously, when applied with skill, these techniques can tip the scales in your favour, particularly in a sales-type situation.
So, go ahead and familiarise yourself with all of these suggestions and get the results you deserve.


Here’s a few simple but powerful words you can use to make your sentences much more appealing and influential when you combine specific phrases with these words.


Do the following:
Determine the message you want to give.
Create a few phrases using a normal beginning, middle and end story structure.
Join the phrases together using these words.
Have a go and make up a few sentences.

Example: Power Words
“Because you are determined to improve your skills, every time you learn a new pattern you will be in a position to put it into practice when the opportunity arises, which means you will become highly competent and supremely confident in your ability to help others.”

Keep in mind you have many faces, let’s put them to use and begin to combine these tips and other information on to make yourself a master of influence.

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