How to Influence TIP 5

What is communication, effective communication?
Perhaps it boils down to having the ability to influence other people.
Clearly, knowing HOW to influence others can dramatically improve your results.
You can literally transform your communication skills by using these powerful suggestions.
It’s best to use them in combinations.

Obviously, when applied with skill, these techniques can tip the scales in your favour, particularly in a sales-type situation.
So, go ahead and familiarise yourself with all of these suggestions and get the results you deserve.

Now, I’m sure you’ve found yourself in a tricky situation where you felt obliged to do something.
There didn’t seem to be a convenient way out.
You simply couldn’t refuse.
Like selling raffle tickets for a good cause!

Well, a similar situation can be devised using the language of influence to persuade someone to make a decision in your favour.
Your ability to influence others can be accelerated through the use of a BIND.
When you say something is a bit of a bind, you mean it’s a bit of a drag, a nuisance, tiresome, bothersome, but you’ve still got to get it done.

Binds come in two forms, single and double.
Let’s begin with the elegant, yet highly effective, single bind.

It goes something like this:
Don’t (x) unless you want (y), where
x is something a person is currently doing, and
y is something they really want, better still, desperately want.

More specifically it is this:
“Don’t (their current behavior) unless you really want (your outcome for them).”
“Don’t use a bind unless you want your results to skyrocket.”
“Don’t eat your broccoli unless you want to grow up big and strong like Superman!”

Here’s a few more examples:
“Don’t watch this unless you want to be really happy.”
“Don’t consider this carefully unless you want to be confident it’s everything you’ve been looking for.“
“As you learn more about linguistic binds you’ll find yourself becoming a better, more persuasive communicator.”
“The more you learn how to use language patterns in your job the more successful you will become.”
“You may find it easy to learn this because you realise it will help you achieve your goal.”

When you link a person’s current behavior to the outcome they want, you are putting them in a bind.

Now the Double Bind
Here we provide choice, but only within a specific and predetermined set of options.
This gives the illusion of choice by offering certain options, which are acceptable and desirable to you.
The purpose of giving the illusion of choice is to bypass conscious resistance.
A double bind is effective when used with the word because since people love to be given reasons for doing things.

“Would you like to make an appointment today for one o’clock or four o’clock?”
“Would you prefer to attend the half-day Skyrocket Your Persuasion workshop or the two-day workshop?”

Here are a few more examples:
“This is a substantial investment; how much deposit would you like to leave, five percent or ten percent?”
“Would you prefer to pay by cash or by credit card?”
“I don’t know if you’ll want to stop smoking now or if you’ll want to stop in a day or two, because this really important decision is something you need to be clear about given you say you are concerned about your health.”

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