How To Influence TIP 4

Here’s how a simple three-letter word that when used creatively with the right tone can swiftly enhance your ability to influence others.
“I don’t think I have mentioned this to you…YET” Yes, this suggestion makes use of the, well, soon to be magical word YET.

If you make a statement about something a person wants but hasn’t yet managed to obtain, you can add “YET” to presuppose that it will happen once they accept whatever it is you are offering.
The word YET used at the end of a sentence or question implies that in time whatever is missing will be supplied, and better still, supplied with your help.

The way to use this is to state what is obviously missing in someone’s life, pause, and then say “YET”.

For example, if a person comes to you wishing to lose weight you could say:
“Maybe you haven’t lost the weight…YET.”
Or to stop smoking:
“Of course, you haven’t managed to quit…YET.”

Here’s a few random examples:
“That’s true, you haven’t mastered these language skills… YET.”
“Yes, Adam, perhaps you don’t feel perfectly comfortable providing advice…YET.”
“I understand your concern – you do not have the ideal policy that fully covers your needs…YET.”
“Now, I realise you haven’t become totally sold on this proposal…YET.”

You can also use the word as a form of ambiguity – this is a way to use punctuation more skillfully.
Devise a sentence with YET at the end of the sentence followed by another sentence that begins with YET.
Then join the two sentences together.
However, say the word YET just once, but make it sound as if it is connected to both sentences.

“Perhaps you do not know this…YET… you can continue to advance your skills.”
“Mastering these skills requires a little more time.. YET… you can already begin to see the progress you have made.”
This is the equivalent of saying:
“Mastering these skills requires a little more time YET.”
“YET you can already begin to see the progress you have made.”
Note the pauses.

So, the pattern implies you will get what is wanted and its use also suggests it is just connecting two sentences.
The trick is to say it deliberately ambiguously with pauses in the right place using the perfect tone.
This allows the listener to benefit from both meanings.

That’s it for this simple yet powerful use of the magical word YET.

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