F.A.B.L.E Persuasion

Face Reading insights

Authority Figure growth

Body Language expertise

Language that persuades

Emotional Intelligence know-how


Get Your Challenge

Learn How to Read Someone’s Personality in a Few Seconds

Clarify Your Message

Develop Your Expertise

Increase Your Reach


This is true whether you are selling your services, products, ideas or competing for business. Highly effective communication skills are a must.

An advanced toolbox of skills will separate you from the competition.

Accurate reading and clever use of Face Reading insights, Body Language
expertise, NLP skills, Hypnotherapy know-how, and Emotional Intelligence understanding will lead to extraordinary Sales and Training results.

Most Popular Coaching & Training

Transform Your Results

This program will boost your skills, and point out “smart” changes you should make to rapidly increase your results.

Your System of Beliefs

All personal breakthroughs begin with a change in beliefs. By adopting the right beliefs you can change your life.

Emotional Intelligence

Learn a coaching framework to guide cognitive actions, planning and problem solving using EQ. Unlock your potential!

How to Explode Your Results

Seeing Eye-to-Eye

How to simply glance at a person’s face and be able to understand their personality and how they are likely to think – it’s pure magic! 

The body reveals ALL!

Before a single word is spoken, a person will have made an instant judgment of you. Learn the key secrets of this ancient language and prosper!

F.A.B.L.E. Facts

Learn how to gain an insight into what makes a person tick in just seconds. Take what is seen and extract vital information. This happens when you read the face.


Here’s what other people say

Mike at knowyourmind has helped my business prosper so much I will always be grateful to him. He has helped me in so many ways both personally and professionally. Work with him and you’ll never look back!

Angela, Sandringham

Business Owner

Mike cuts through the noise to quickly provide solutions that make a key difference to your bottom line. He not only provides ideas, tips, tricks and strategic advice, but gives you real-wrold tactics and methods that allow you to finally break through your limitations. He is nothing short of a God send!


Sales Manager



Would You Like That?

Always, always appeal to both hemispheres of the brain. The logical left side answers the question WHY, and the emotional right side of the brain addresses how they will FEEL. During a talk throw in these 3 steps. Read on…

Hand Gestures Have Power

Given you do have hands and since they will insist on moving around, it’s smart to use them with a purpose in mind. Hand gestures happen in the most ordinary, regular and everyday way, so use them to influence. Read on…

The Authority Magnet

You speak, they listen. You tell them something’s good, or bad, and it is accepted. You are trusted. You attract a crowd. The crowd believes in you. You are now the voice of authority. Get used to the idea. Job done. Read on…