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Nothing in life is permanent and we can expect dramatic market change from time to time. Given the problems with applying hindsight to the future, we need to make sure any upheaval does not occur at the wrong time to put our investments in jeopardy.

Markets leave clues and the task we face is to piece them together to make profitable moves. This knowledge will produce a positive shift in the probabilities of achieving success from a series of trades and this is all we need to gain the elusive trading edge.

So, what are the secrets of wealth creation? Should your thinking consider personal, behavioral, interpersonal, and financial secrets? If so, it would lead to becoming truly rich in every area of life – in your mind, emotions, relationships, career, finances, and creativity.

Discovering how to become financially stable, financially independent, and then financially free, is the target.

Real wealth seldom happens overnight; it is a gradual process and is accumulated slowly but surely. Investing can be an emotional rollercoaster, which is often experienced whenever money is involved, and because all past models of the market are flawed to some degree.

Somebody is always making money on Wall Street, so why shouldn’t it be you? Most investors do not make money consistently or they make much less than they should.

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