It's the Right Time to Get Started on Improving Your Results!

What are your hopes and dreams?
What is truly important to you?
Do you have all you deserve?
What is possible for you?

Imagine a way of exploring these questions with someone to help you realise your best dreams and become the person you always wanted to be.

This is the benefit of coaching. So, whether you require business coaching, life coaching, or mentoring, the key outcome is to give yourself the best shot to succeed.

You might be seeking a Personal Breakthrough or be looking to find Personal Empowerment; the important thing is to take action and Get Going!

It is useful to understand that mentoring and coaching are quite similar.

A person being coached normally focuses on a specific task or series of tasks whereas a mentor generally takes a much wider and longer-term perspective.

Success in business often requires the use of a coach or a mentor.

This applies to professionals in the bigger corporate sphere and to small business owners.
Results are needed and a planned approach makes a key difference.

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Of course, you may want to become a master coach yourself. Whether you wish to seek a master coach for personal transformation or would like to become a master coach yourself it is essential to know that for coaching to succeed you must be able to:

  • Give and receive feedback
  • Apply the power of questioning - not just telling
  • Structure a coaching discussion
  • Build others' skills, for team results
  • Create more time for yourself by delegating well
  • Enjoy the fun of working with a band of colleagues who relish working with you!
  • Be able to achieve better results in a team and quickly
  • Build your interpersonal skills more broadly

    This often means you become better at interacting with your customers, and even improve the priceless relationships with your family and friends.

    Informal coaching and mentoring takes place on the job every day in every organisation. However, increasingly organisations are reporting measured performance improvement results from planned, structured and facilitated coaching and mentoring processes.

    Reduced costs, improved quality of output, enhanced self-management, fast-track success, multi-skilling and increased job satisfaction are indicators of the benefits of on-the-job developmental processes which combines learning with doing.

    This is of benefit to frontline managers and supervisors, trainers, coaches, facilitators and team leaders, or those who wish to coach or mentor others formally or informally within an organisation.

    You will learn:

    • The coach-mentor working model
    • Major benefits and beneficiaries of coaching and mentoring
    • Where, when and how coaching and mentoring works
    • How to establish individual goals and needs
    • Ways to get ownership and real behaviour change
    • Planning the interaction in detail
    • Skill practice in self-directed learning: enhancing awareness, contracting, dialoguing, questioning, active listening, building learning into working, modelling, empowering, motivating, owning, networking, influencing, and resourcing
    • When and how to encourage, praise, and give feedback
    • What to do when something goes wron

    What attributes are required to be a good coach-mentor? At the completion of being coached by Know Your Mind, you will be able to:

    • Outline basic differences between coaching and mentoring and when to use each
    • Describe and use a basic coach-mentor model
    • Know what they need to do to be an effective coach-mentor in their specific situation
    • Plan how they will build rapport
    • Develop a program jointly with all stakeholder

    Think whether it is worth your time and commitment to work with a coach to make a real, tangible contribution to your business success. Your personal strengths will be uncovered to create and achieve the outcomes you truly want. Only your own mind imposes your limits.

    Ask yourself: What can I do today to create better results for myself and others? Together we can work to get you moving towards the life of your choice. Do it now! Take the first step - it's your turn.

    At Know Your Mind we use a combination of techniques from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Emotional Intelligence, and Generative Psychology which we tailor to your needs.

    These are fabulous techniques and tools to focus the mind, body and spirit. These tools can be applied in business, sales, leadership, management, communication, and coaching, as well as in teaching, sports, therapy, and personal growth.

    They work extremely well to produce outstanding and tangible results. Click here if you would like to enjoy reading some relevant articles on the value of Mindset Change.

    Results prove that Time Line Therapy™ techniques and Emotional Intelligence in combination with NLP, Generative Psychology and some Hypnotherapy (if you choose) are the best processes for creating fast and long-lasting change in your life.

    Many other systems are good at discovering problems, but rarely give you tools for painless and fast change. The tools we offer you are the most effective that exist today and our purpose is to make them available to you to improve your life, health, relationships, income and career.

    Transformational Coaching is about taking action - sometimes massive action.

    If you want to reach your full potential and dramatically improve the results in your life, whether in your career, relationships, financials, family, friends, spiritual, or just extending your own skills, then the right coaching and mentoring can assist you to get the most out what you are capable of.

    This is the true benefit of coaching. So again, whether you require business coaching, life coaching, or mentoring, the key outcome is to give yourself the best chance to succeed.

    If you require a Personal Breakthrough or a form of Personal Empowerment; the crucial point is to take the necessary action and Get Going!

    Get Started on Improving Your Results NOW!

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