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Above all, what is inspiration?

We have all experienced a lack of motivation when we just knew we had to get something done, but simply couldn’t rouse ourselves to act.

It may have a mild case of procrastination, or a severe problem such as the fear of failure.

Some mornings we seem able to leap out of bed to greet the day.

The bigger the challenge the more motivated we seem to feel.
We perform because we are “inspired” to act.
On other mornings the reverse feelings are frustratingly experienced.

To overcome a lack of energy or purpose why not begin the day with the exercises outlined in Get Going?

Have you ever experienced feeling particularly awful and then for some unaccountable reason your spirits just seemed to lift?
Suddenly you feel inspired and you are completely astonished how it happened!

Rather a peculiar lot, aren’t we?

Sometimes we just feel stuck and unable to find the resolve to get something done.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a door with the title “Be Inspired” that we could walk through to make things happen.

Imagine being able to easily move out of the gloom and into the sunlight!
NLP is such a door and can help you to radically shift state when you need it most.

NLP and hypnosis are tools that can elegantly help a person to overcome a lack of motivation. Often the right mental technology is needed to get past a personal crisis.

Anchoring is one of the significant inspirational and motivational tools available.

Being able to effortlessly recall a past event when in a certain state and then "assuming" the same feeling to trigger a change in the present state can swiftly alter a person's mood.

Anchoring originally hails from Pavlov and his dogs.

A mental stimulus, such as something as simple as a piece of music, or a specific smell, is mentally induced by association.

Before we know it we feel uplifted, confident and raring to go, fully inspired to act.

Let's face it, to succeed in most tasks, certainly anything challenging, we need to be motivated. We need to feel "inspired" to take the necessary action.

This means being free to move towards what we want.
To excel we need to feel passionate so we can create a driving force, a force that makes us unstoppable. Getting what we desire when we are in this state becomes much easier.

We can quiz ourselves to determine:

  • Why do we want to do something?
  • Why is it so important to us?
  • What will we achieve when we get it?

It all seems much more straightforward if we give ourselves Great Big "Why’s!"

Motivation often happens outside of our awareness at the unconscious level.

By using NLP we can learn to trust ourselves, to listen to our own inner voice, and become able to naturally tap into our creative juices to achieve any goal.
Having the ability to feel motivated when and where it is needed breeds confidence.

We can show you how you can easily and effortlessly change your state whenever it is needed.

You will literally be able to turn on and turn off your own inspirational tap.
If you need the energy, it will be there. If you require inspiration you can get it.

No matter what the situation calls for you will have the internal confidence of knowing how to respond quickly and perfectly.

This is an incredibly powerful gift to have at your disposal.
Being able to access a powerful state when you really need it is simply magical.
Go ahead right now, relax and think of a time when you felt you could do anything.
When you were so in the moment nothing seemed to faze you!

What were you seeing?
What sounds were present?
How did your body feel?
What were you saying to yourself?
Were there any smells or tastes present?

Just go ahead and get in touch again with those wonderful feelings.
It is amazing how quickly you can get into a truly resourceful state.

Come and join us and you will have these magnificent tools to inspire you to get what you really deserve in life. You will be able to change your life with confidence!

In the meantime take a look at these three videos - they will help you to establish a daily routine that when followed will begin the process of making you feel ready for anything!

To overcome a lack of energy or purpose why not begin the day with the exercises outlined in Get Going?

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