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In addition to the traditional form of coaching ie one-on-one sessions, Know Your Mind is happy to discuss alternative styles of “meetings” if this is more suitable for you given your daily commitments.

For example, phone coaching using a normal landline connection, or a SKYPE session can add flexibility to a coaching arrangement.

Of course, given how busy we find ourselves in our daily lives, it can be more practical to approach one or more sessions with this in mind assuming it will assist you to manage your situation more conveniently.

Listed are a number of the specialities we cover.

Go ahead and click on any of those listed below to gain further information, and do not hesitate to make contact for other areas of concern where more generalised coaching would be of value to you.

You will gain enormous benefit from attending one or more sessions to overcome debilitating personal issues that may be holding you back in an important area of your life.
Here is a list of concerns we can help you to finally overcome:







Quit Smoking

Some honest people will tell you in a slightly jocular way: “I give up smoking every day!” Many people over an extended period attempt to finally quit smoking, but often revert back to the habit when circumstances cause their resolve to weaken. In tough times will power just doesn’t cut it. It’s interesting to note […]

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Weight Loss

Do you want to lose weight permanently without the struggle? Would you like to feel really happy with your body? Are you unable to lose that last 10 pounds? Would you like to stop late night snacking? Do you find it difficult to say “no” to second helpings? Do weight loss programs seem attractive to […]

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Relationship Issues

Are you currently unhappy with a relationship? Are you searching in vain for the right partner? Have you experienced periods of feeling unloved? Do you feel unappreciated? Do you feel lonely, trapped, or isolated? Do you believe your partner does not understand you? Are your relationships with work colleagues as good as they could be? […]

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Limiting Beliefs

What do you believe is the preferred emotional state for personal productivity? I think most of us would agree that optimism would be a better bet than pessimism, particularly when you want to produce results. And we all want to produce results, don’t we? Limiting beliefs and lack of confidence can restrict your ability to […]

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Inner Conflict

So, what is conflict and how can it be resolved? Internal conflict is a struggle that occurs within the mind. It differs from external conflict, where the focus is on grappling with a force outside of a person. The dilemma posed by an internal conflict is usually an emotional or ethical over-reaction to the way […]

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Above all, what is inspiration? We have all experienced a lack of motivation when we just knew we had to get something done, but simply couldn’t rouse ourselves to act. It may have a mild case of procrastination, or a severe problem such as the fear of failure. Some mornings we seem able to leap […]

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Fears and phobias limit your ability to get the most out of your life. In certain cases the fear can prevent you from living even a relatively normal life. In almost all cases the “fear” can be overcome – not necessarily with treatment, but through learning how to manage your own thoughts and feelings. We […]

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Managing Stress

Whenever we experience something unexpected, or have to deal with something that frustrates us, “stress” is involved. If the threat is small, our response is minimal. Stress relief is not needed, and we often do not notice it among the many other distractions in our daily lives. So, what is stress? The most commonly accepted […]

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Fear is perfectly normal. Anxious feelings can prevent a person from taking an unreasonable risk. However, many people become afraid of situations that are not of themselves particularly dangerous. Anxiety occurs when the perceived difficulty of a situation appears to be much greater than a person’s perceived resources. Yet, virtually all anxiety disorders can be […]

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Depression is a serious mental illness. It is vital for a person suffering from this condition, or feel that they may be suffering in this way, to go and see a doctor. Professional help is always available. Don’t wait – act. It is important to realise that a range of physical health conditions with symptoms […]

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Even though we do offer alternative coaching platforms, one-on-one in person coaching for all areas of mentoring, coaching and personal assistance is always available and recommended.

The tools we use have been drawn from a combination of techniques devised by recognized masters of development and change and are extremely powerful. These techniques include NLP, Time Line Therapy, Emotional Intelligence and Hypnotherapy.

The philosophy of Know Your Mind is simple: Empower people to take control of their thoughts, feelings, behaviours and lives. If an area of your life is not working the way you want it to, please accept the challenge and do something about it. Often the change needed is never as daunting as many people wrongly believe.

Change occurs naturally - the question is whether or not it is positive and life-affirming. Whether it is an obsession or anxiety, a phobia or unlocking your dreams, all you need to do is to take action. We are committed to helping people accept their challenges to overcome any setbacks once people are serious about helping themselves, and are prepared to take action. When problems are left unresolved and become long-term they can quickly overwhelm the best of us. We lose the ability to make good decisions and can easily lose control of our own lives.

We can help with negative emotions, such as anger, sadness, fear, guilt, and hurt. We specialise in helping people to overcome limiting beliefs such as “I’m not good enough”, “I can’t make money”, and “I’m not very good in relationships”. We are also able to assist with OCD, anxieties, simple and complex phobias, social anxiety, obsessions, fears, compulsions, post traumatic stress disorder, ADD, confusion, and depression.

At times in life we experience confidence issues which in part stem from limiting beliefs. These obstacles need to be overcome and eliminated. This provides a much better chance to succeed with any outcome. It is useful to see these problems as nothing more than challenges that can be met, navigated and overcome. Once we decide to take up the challenge we create opportunities for ourselves to grow, stretch, and question the boundaries of our beliefs and capabilities. We soon begin to see things in a new way.

Sometimes you may feel stuck and seemingly unable to pursue your goals and outcomes with the energy and focus needed. However, your mind is the only thing that truly prevents you from getting what you want. If you change your thinking you change your behaviour, and if you change your behaviour you will get a different result. Let's be honest; we are all responsible for our own actions and feelings. Blaming others is pointless. If you keep thinking the same way, how can anything in your life change? Getting your outcome is so much easier once you take the right action.

So, how will you know it is time to move forward? Limiting beliefs, fears and other issues can be overcome. Just reach out and get the help you need to make the changes you desire. Taking responsibility for your own actions is the first, vital step.

For convenient, cost-effective methods in overcoming your challenges or to receive a free consultation, please call or email for a description of the services we can provide.

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