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What is Success in Sales?

Is it outperforming your own expectations?

Of course, the better your sales performance, the more you’ll sell.
And the more you sell, the more success and happiness you’ll undoubtedly experience.

Happily, once you exceed your own expectations, business and life becomes a whole lot more fun, more enjoyable.

Two things: You can relatively easily master the fundamentals of sales with plenty of hard work and perspiration, BUT equally and crucially, you need to master yourself.

This requires knowledge and understanding of the sales process and a willingness to tackle your own thinking, beliefs, habits and behaviour.

The hardest task in sales is to produce consistent results.
Avoiding feast or famine pendulum swings is essential.

In my view, this is made far easier by having a system that continues to produce the results you want.

Ideally, you want to be so familiar with a flexible, winning system that it becomes a natural part of who you are – welded on, an intrinsic part of your skillset.

Keep reading to learn more about this simple yet highly effective sales training that gets results. Clearly, to enjoy the future you want you need to create it for yourself.

For a more specialised and detailed sales approach take a look at Sales Training Success.

The Sales Training Made Simple Plan in a nutshell is:

  • 1. Establish Rapport
  • 2. Ask the right questions to find the need
  • 3. Link the need or value to your service or product
  • 4. Overcome objections
  • 5. Close the sale

Sales Training Made Simple PART TWO

So, what would sales success mean to you? It is highly subjective. Perhaps you want to feel more financially secure. Set and achieve far greater sales goals. Improve how you serve your customers. Generate exponential results. Have more freedom to enjoy your life. There are several functions of sales that you need to master. These […]

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Sales Training Made Simple PART THREE

It’s smart to begin any conversation, any communication by getting into a positive state. If you want a person to feel relaxed and at ease, make sure YOU feel relaxed and at ease. It’s important to be really curious and interested in the person you are communicating with. The most powerful message you can give […]

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Sales Training Made Simple PART FOUR

Welcome to Part Four of a straightforward yet highly effective 5-Step Sales Process. The next step is to link their need or what they value to your service or product. Prior to offering a solution, let them know what can be achieved by using the WHAT-IF frame: “What would happen if we increased your sales?” […]

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Sales Training Made Simple PART FIVE

In this part we will look at how to handle objections and close the sale. Keep in mind that people that people need to convince themselves they are making the right decision. Generally, they will look at more than one option before making a key decision. So, you need to fill up their convincer that […]

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