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Would you like to gain an advantage over your competitors?
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Would you like to exponentially improve your sales resuts?
I guess you would be interested!

What is needed? A Sales Strategy!

This includes comprenhensive sales training, face to face selling, win-win sales negotiation techniques, compelling influence and persuasive skills, superior sales presentation skills, and results-driven sales coaching.

Know Your Mind can provide you with the advanced sales skills you need through its unique sales coaching and training.

What are the critical secrets to sales success?
It is not just the ability to make a good sales presentation!
So, will any sales training do the job?

Let’s consider some of the essential arguments around sales and sales coaching and sales training.

Think about the habits that sales entrepreneurs possess that singles them out.
What sales techniques, sales tools and sales strategy do they use?
What type of sales training and sales coaching have they sought and received?

In fact, what precisely is the mind-set of the powerhouse seller?
Can anybody learn the skills and compete alongside and against the best sales professionals?

Ignoring the hype, is it possible to learn the essential sales skills relatively quickly?
Maybe so, but isn’t sales ability a gift that belongs to those lucky enough to be born with natural talent?

Can sales coaching succeed if a person does not possess such a gift?

In fact, a sales system can range from the quite simple to something more thorough.
Take a look at this Simple 5-Step Method.
Of course, you may require something far more rigorous and sophisticated.

Consider this: How can anybody but the superhuman remain in a continually motivated state?

What are the beliefs successful sales people seem to collectively possess?
In fact, why do many of us struggle in vain to incorporate the same beliefs into our own business world?

Most people believe a sales course or sales training should start with closing the sale; after all this is the most difficult part of sales, right?
Wrong! We believe all sales training and sales coaching should begin with opening relationships.

So what is sales? It is making money through communication!
Of course, one of the most successful ways to communicate and get results is to be brilliant at getting into rapport with anybody at any time.

The first thing that needs to be learned is how to think like a champion before setting goals and taking action.

What can you learn with Know Your Mind?

With the psychological tools used by Know Your Mind, including Neuro Linguistic Programming – NLP – conversational hypnosis, and emotional intellgence you can discover more about your prospective customers in five minutes than you previously could in weeks.

This is a unique style of sales training and sales coaching that gets real-world results.

In truth, there’s little point in attending a sales course that teaches you pecisely the same material as every other sales training.

You need something that will make a huge difference to your results.
A difference that will make the difference.

The sales strategy, sales techniques, sales tools, and sales planning you will learn will produce the results you want.

Know Your Mind teaches the principles behind selling successfully.
We are also more than happy to conduct a Sales Diagnosis specifically to determine the issues holding you back and to provide a system that works going forward.

These principles can be applied to build and create strong sales relationships.

They teach you how to build rapport and how to get clarity on what someone wants.

There is a strong focus on how to understand a person’s values and criteria, and how to be flexible along the way until you close a deal, or decide to walk away because the fit isn’t right.

Sales calls can be a problem for many sales people.
Successful face-to-face selling requires the use of skills that position customer needs at the centre of all sales calls.

The focus should be on planning and conducting sales calls that create value.
This way it is easier to help the prospective buyer to see the problems they face and opportunities that are available.
Again, this is unique sales training and sales coaching.
Why settle for less?

Think of this – If there’s anything that you want, or if there’s anything you need, then you will probably need someone’s help to get it.

This is true whether you’re a salesperson, a teacher or a carpenter.
No matter what you do, the ability to develop and maintain rapport with large numbers of people of varying backgrounds will allow you to get what you want.
Having rapport with someone will allow you to do anything.
So, rapport is probably the most important skill on the planet.

The basis of rapport is that when people are like each other, they like each other.
When you like someone, you are willing to assist them to get what they want.

Surprisingly, 38% of all communication is through your tone of voice, and 55% is through your physiology – what your body is revealing.
Take these numbers as a rule of thumb.
So, most communication is outside of our conscious awareness.
A tremendous opportunity exists to develop unconscious communication with your customer outside of their normal awareness.

Relationships start with building rapport to gain trust.

Successful selling is about building and developing relationships.
Trust is the real sales boiler room and starting point of any sales engagement.
Sales training must focus on understanding the unconscious needs of a client.
Trust involves vocal pacing, content pacing, relationship pacing and not just the ability to make a decent sales presentation.

Successful sales people are able to take the customer’s perspective and match the benefits of their product to the customer’s needs.
This produces customer value.

Nobody wants to be blatantly sold to, but they do want to be listened to and to find solutions to their issues.
They want products and services that will help them run a business or enjoy life more.
They want the ‘feel good” factor.

NLP deals with influence and how people make decisions.
Successful sales people are able to match a customer’s needs on many levels.

You will learn to predict how a customer will buy.
You will learn how to let a customer sell to themselves.
You will learn that people have different styles of thinking and how these styles affect their decisions to buy.
You will learn what your customer really means when they talk with you.

You will learn how you can use this information to communicate with them much more effectively.
You will learn how to gain customer trust by presenting your products and services using their own highly personalised thinking style.
You will be able to guide your customers to make the right decisions.
You will become a detective of human behaviour.

The million-dollar sales producers are able to communicate trust to their customers in a magical, unconscious way.

Why not take your sales career, sales results, and your business to a whole new level?
Why not dramatically improve your personal sales productivity in less than 60 days?

You can Just DO It!

You will be able to discover what produces results; you will quickly develop proven formulas to create top selling results in your own, and your customers’ businesses.
With these skills you can identify the key success strategies of high income sellers.
At Know Your Mind we use “Advanced NLP Selling Skills for the 21st Century”.

You will learn the key techniques for Sales Success:

  • How to sell like a professional with the “Boomerang Sales Process”.
  • The “smooth transition” steps you need to take from the opening to the closing of the sale.
  • How to use the “High Probability” prospecting model to win more business, in less time, and with less stress.
  • How to structure a “cold” prospect call to maximize results.
  • How to learn advanced observation skills.
  • How to “read” your client so you see the signals before he knows he has signalled.
  • How to establish rapport with anyone you choose.
  • How to sell with rapport and leave your customer smiling.
  • How to get into your customer’s mind.
  • How to match how your customer thinks.
  • How to win bigger contracts.
  • How to turn proposals into firm contracts.
  • How to change your own thinking.
  • How do you identify business problems with insight.
  • How to conduct an accurate corporate needs analysis (diagnostic).
  • How to identify your own Unique Selling Points.
  • How to discover a customer’s Unique Buying Points.
  • How to select the right customers.
  • How you and your customers can increase your sales and profits.
  • The metaphysics of attracting money.

You’ll also learn how to:

  • Grease the wheels of persuasion (and why you failed to close more sales in the past, when you didn’t do this).
  • Create a more captivating you (which in turn creates more captive audiences for your message!)
  • Improve a customer’s perceptions of your intrinsic worth.
  • Create richer internal representations and thus, evoke stronger responses from people.
  • Finally understand what drives and motivates people.
    Bridge your offer to other people’s needs thus closing more sales for the right reasons!
  • Build the belief system of a great salesperson by smashing through your own limiting beliefs and constructing rich, bullet-proof ones!
  • Turn any problem into an opportunity while reducing the impact of any objection.
  • Speak to a customer’s unconscious wants and needs and make the idea of resistance irrelevant.
  • Make sales tactics more natural with perfect timing.

The Advanced Sales Skills training builds on the solid sales foundations learned in the Sales Training Success Workshop.

Feel free to browse the information on the Advanced Sales Skills Workshop.


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