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How to Ask Great Questions

Your ability to influence and persuade will play a huge role in your ability to get what you want. Now you always want to aim for win-win outcomes, but it is so easy to misunderstand and, equally, to be misunderstood during an important conversation. You want to avoid this. Here’s what to look for. Erratic communication skills can cost you – can cost you dearly. To succeed brilliantly in…



Body Language

How does your body respond when a threat is perceived? How do you instinctively and intuitively react? In the previous two parts part I discussed how people demonstrate the freeze and flight response to a perceived threat. The head goes down and the shoulders get hunched up. Eye contact is avoided, and movement is cut to the bare minimum. “Now you see, now you don’t” seems to be…



Face Reading

Face reading can be used to accelerate and deepen your communication skills. The aim is simple: to observe and absorb what is right in front of you and collect vital information to allow you to become far more influential. The combination of body language expertise and face reading insights will strengthen your rapport skills and enable you to achieve this. Here are the next three common…



How to Change Beliefs

You can overcome any self-doubt that might be holding you back. In this video I’d like to show you one way to do this. Once it is accepted that you literally learn a number of limiting beliefs relatively early in life, it becomes imperative to understand the impact they can have on the results that can be achieved in so many areas of life, whether it’s career, relationships, health, financial and…



How to Influence

Here’s how a simple three-letter word that when used creatively with the right tone can swiftly enhance your ability to influence others. “I don’t think I have mentioned this to you…YET” Yes, this suggestion makes use of the, well, soon to be magical word YET. If you make a statement about something a person wants but hasn’t yet managed to obtain, you can add “YET” to presuppose…




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