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Creative Thinking

Without thinking too hard about it, it is pretty clear that thinking in a more creative way could produce significantly better results. In fact, creative thinking techniques can be used to encourage all of us to think in a more productive way. Let’s begin by taking a new look at problems. Given we have the same hardware the likes of Aristotle and Einstein had available, why not tap…



How to Influence

A successful outcome in many situations is likely to depend on your relationship and communication skills. Superior communication is the difference that makes the difference. Extraordinary skill in this area will skyrocket your influence, your results, your career, and your relationships. So, it pays to do it well. The quality of how you communicate will directly impact your results…



Face Reading

Welcome to Part Ten of how to use face reading to improve your communication skills. Every feature of the face has a meaning and relates to the personality and behaviour of a person. For example, the lips can provide information about the sensual nature of an individual. Which brings me to the focus of this part – the mouth and lips. In fact, your mouth, unsurprisingly, represents how…



How to Change Beliefs

Beliefs are formed through experience, so it is small wonder we hold on to them with a firm, vice-like grip. Since a belief is accepted as being true we continue to find the evidence to support and confirm this view. When you think something is true you will always find the proof. We make such a huge unconscious investment in some of our beliefs. We rarely stop to ask: Is this belief…



Emotional Intelligence

How often do you allow your emotions to get the better of you? Should you suppress your emotional reactions to most everyday events, and focus instead on thinking more logically, rationally and clearly? In fact, do you allow your emotional reactions to play a significant part in your overall results? So, where do you place our emotions in your everyday actions? Are they at…




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