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Body Language

Something happens, you are taken by surprise. Whoops, oh no! What should you do? Should you become still, leg it, or flex your muscles? Exactly what happens to your body when a threat is perceived? In the previous part I discussed how people demonstrate the freeze response when they are “made to feel” uncomfortable. Obviously this differs from the way your body responds when…



Get What You Want

First the important question: What do you want? The purpose of this question is to identify where change even radical change may be required so you can feel confident that you can go out and get what you want. Let me ask you some simple questions. They point perfectly to how you tend to respond emotionally to many of the events in your life. How do you feel right now? How would…



How to Influence

What is communication, effective communication? Perhaps it boils down to having the ability to influence other people. Clearly, knowing HOW to influence others can dramatically improve your results. You can literally transform your communication skills by using these powerful suggestions. It’s best to use them in combinations. Obviously, when applied with skill, these techniques can…




In Part Two, we said that to pursue a goal requires a binding relationship between the situation, thoughts, emotions, and behaviour. And the best framework to adopt is to approach coaching with emotion and logic working in tandem. In this part we will complete the logic and emotion equation and set the scene for moving on to the crucial coaching process of how to use questions…


Sales Training

It’s smart to begin any conversation, any communication by getting into a positive state. If you want a person to feel relaxed and at ease, make sure YOU feel relaxed and at ease. It’s important to be really curious and interested in the person you are communicating with. The most powerful message you can give someone is: “I am genuinely interested in you!” And the quickest way to get your…




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