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Great Questions

If the intention of your communication is to influence, and if the skilful use of questions is one of the most effective ways to persuade somebody to do something you would like them to do, then it is critical to become an expert in the art and science of asking great questions. Here’s a couple of tips on how to excel in this key area. Let’s have a brief chat about the power of emotion…



Get What You Want

You now are in a position to clearly recognise what you want and need to change. You want something worthwhile, something that can transform your life. Let’s do a review of the action steps that you will take. This is where you are: You know what you want. Your aim is clear. You have decided to observe your reactions to all of the events in your life, to make sure you are…



Accelerated Learning

You know the feeling you get when you’re totally involved in an activity? Time just seems to fly by, and you get completely lost in the activity. It seems as if you have boundless energy, you are so immersed. Wouldn’t it be nice if this happened more regularly? And I don’t mean deadlines thrust upon you through circumstances, but with something you love, absolutely love doing. The best…



Face Reading

Assume you are in a situation where you want to quickly assess how switched on a person is likely to be and gauge their strengths, when you need to deal with them. Let’s assume it is a business meeting of some kind. What can you do? For a start you know how important it is to get in rapport as quickly as possible. Yes, of course, but how about those first few fleeting seconds? Well, the…


Coaching and Training

In Part One, we said that emotional intelligence is the ability to monitor your own and other people’s emotions. And if you fail to tap into a person’s emotions you will be unable to influence their actions. They will almost certainly find a way to distance themselves from your message. This applies whether your focus is on how to be a life coach, executive coach, career coach, business coach…




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