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Body Language

Whether they are aware of it or not, a person’s real intentions are revealed unconsciously through a secret code called body language. You may unwittingly be sending specific signals to other people that you would prefer to keep to yourself. Your body has given you away. This language is used by all of us though few people pay conscious attention to it. How can you benefit from this…



Creative Thinking

Sometimes a solution to a problem seems a million miles away. And it can get you down. Previously I mentioned the benefits of changing your environment to help solve a difficult problem. I’d like to chat a little more about this. The more you are used to something, the less stimulating it is for your brain, for your mind, for your thinking. When you disrupt a thought pattern…



How to Influence

Most of us, of course, face problems on a daily basis. We often have a tendency to make a problem bigger than it truly is. We disproportionately attach a meaning to a problem that is far bigger than its true value. So, we take a sizeable problem and make it quite huge, so massive in fact that it quickly overwhelms us. Even when dealing with smaller problems we can give them a life…



Face Reading

The focus of this part will be the nose. Everything follows the nose. It literally stands out. It’s the nose that leads the way! Its size, strength and proportion compared with the rest of the face indicates how a person projects their personality. Six different shapes are relatively easy to recognise: Turned Up, Hawk, Greek…


Change Beliefs

Certain specific beliefs can hold you back. So, why not begin identifying and challenging them? Beliefs can be tracked. You can take the biggest problems in life and with a little investigation uncover the problems that limit you – the beliefs that hold you back. You can deduce how a person makes a decision from their language, even from everyday conversation. Basically it is an exercise…




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