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In Part Nine, we’ll take a look at some simple ways to improve your skills using your emotions to get better results. We have said that a master coach should know how to adapt and be excellent at inducing desirable states in the people they coach. And, quite rightly, I’m sure you want to inspire, influence, and develop the skillset of the people you coach. It goes without saying…



Gain Attention

Routine chores of business are conducted because they are needed to keep you in business. But this is precious time that prevents you from building and developing future, profitable relationships. What can you do? The amount of time spent undertaking routine, mundane business matters is staggeringly high. It takes up a large slice of the working week, an increasingly huge percentage…



Sales Training

Welcome to Part Four of a straightforward yet highly effective 5-Step Sales Process. The next step is to link their need or what they value to your service or product. Prior to offering a solution, let them know what can be achieved by using the WHAT-IF frame: “What would happen if we increased your sales?” “What would happen if we decreased your expenses?” “What would happen if your…



NLP Practitioner Melbourne

It is more than possible for people to assemble a tool kit of advanced skills to allow them to perform: Business and Personal Coaching, Sales and Communication Trainings, Learning and Educational Coaching, Change and Growth on a Personal Level, Therapy and Relationship Coaching, Thinking Pattern Changes, and Remedial and Generative Change…



Welcome to another Get Going Activity – how to begin the day feeling absolutely terrific. As a rule of thumb it can be accepted that 2/3 of body is made up of water. It is the main component of the human body. Your muscles are 75% water and your brain is made up of 90% of water. Even your bone has 22% water, and your blood contains 83% water. The functions of water…




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