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Take Action! Stop Being Busy!
What is the one attribute needed to drive success? It boils down to taking action, sometimes massive action. With the two extremes, Action Man gets results while Passive Man gets regrets. The funny thing is that every day people come up with ideas they could run with, at times simple yet brilliant ideas, but these brainwaves get buried, get lost due to a lack of action. Isn’t it time to bury…



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When we are in trance we are able to focus the mind and we are more open to suggestion. During hypnosis, which is a perfectly natural state, we can take a problem and focus all of our resources to heal and solve the problem. We are able to bring our attention to our latent ability to solve any problem. If we bring our resources to a problem we can solve the problem by creating a new…



Competitive Advantage Requires a Number of Incisive Skills
To gain a competitive advantage it is necessary to have a number of incisive communication skills ready and available in your toolbox. Ideally, you want to build on and further develop your influential skills. This training will give you the knowledge and point to how and why we behave in the way that we do. You will gain a flexible range of skills to challenge your mind-set…



Effective Communication Requires Influential Skills and Keen Emotional Intelligence Know-How
The key to success and prosperity is adaptability. It is created through communication skills based on persuasion and influence. To be a truly effective communicator requires using influential skills complemented by emotional intelligence know-how. The ability to read people through their emotions develops trust and trust is the cornerstone and underpins success. The ability to identify…

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What Are The Beliefs Successful Sales People Seem to Collectively Possess?

Would you like to gain an advantage over your competitors? Would you like to transform your business relatively quickly? Would you like to exponentially improve your sales resuts? I guess you would be interested! What is needed? A Sales Strategy! This includes comprenhensive sales training, face to face selling, win-win sales negotiation techniques, compelling influence and persuasive skills…




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