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This intensive neuro linguistic programming – NLP – and hypnotherapy training is suitable for people who wish to assemble a tool kit of advanced skills to allow them to perform:

Business and Personal Coaching
Sales and Communication Trainings
Learning and Educational Coaching
Change and Growth on a Personal Level
Therapy and Relationship Coaching
Thinking Pattern Changes
Remedial and Generative Change

For additional background information on exactly What is NLP? you can read more about it here.

You will learn NLP and hypnosis skills and techniques experientially.
The training will provide you with a formidable range of tools which you will be able to put to immediate use.

You will gain more confidence, be able to enhance your performance in any area of endeavour and be able to help others.

Excellent communication skills are a must in today’s highly competitive world.

In every area of life, for example in business and education, it is important to be on top of your game. We are all in sales today – you are always selling yourself to somebody irrespective of the circumstances – and these skills will provide you with a point of difference and give you an enormous advantage.

Internal conflict will be a thing of the past and will allow you to get the results you want with much more confidence and self-belief.


The more you believe in what you do, the better your results are likely to get. If you would like to improve your results in life, whether it’s business related, relationship based, or of a more personal focus, then you will need the right resources to move you from your present situation, your present state, […]

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What do you need to learn to get better, much better results? Well, if you focus on what you want, stay in a curious state, be able to consider different perspectives, take enough time for yourself, become more aware of your negative anchors, accept that you do have emotional choice, and, perhaps most importantly, develop […]

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You will learn:

The Fundamentals of NLP

  • The NLP Communication Model
  • Five Principles of Success
  • Keys to an Achievable Outcome
  • The Presuppositions of NLP
  • The Prime Directives of the Unconscious Mind

You will understand how to take control of your own mind to create empowering beliefs and results. You will be able to utilise the connection between your mind, emotions and behaviour. You will know what brilliant communication requires and be able to master the art easily and effortlessly. Influence and persuasion skills will be at your finger tips. NLP and hypnotherapy skills can lead to dramatic results.

How to set and get your goals

  • The key principles of goal setting
  • Why most people never achieve their goals
  • Learn how to set goals
  • Create well formed conditions in goal setting

You will understand how to overcome all personal obstacles and destructive behaviours that prevent you from truly succeeding. You will learn how to be more flexible and build your life around your strengths.

How to effectively build rapport

  • To be able to build rapport with any person at any moment in time
  • How to use sensory acuity to aid rapport by observing people
  • How to understand the meaning behind a person’s body language
  • How to effectively use your voice to build rapport
  • How to adopt the “right” physiology
  • Know how to use intonation patterns to get your message across powerfully

You will gain knowledge of the four indicators of rapport and be able to communicate effectively consciously and unconsciously. We will show you how to establish communication with a client’s unconscious mind - the real gateway to rapport.

Internal Representational Systems

  • How to determine a person’s preferred representational system
  • Understand why our senses influence our response and behaviour
  • How to use match a person’s internal representation system to enhance rapport
  • How to use eye patterns to detect when a person is recalling or constructing
  • How to match your words to complement the eye patterns of your client

You will understand how to use your five senses to communicate with the world. This will assist you to make sure you do not mismatch a client’s preferred representation system.


  • How to change the qualities of an experience by adjusting its parameters
  • How to give meaning and significance to our internal representations
  • Know how we encode an experience in our minds
  • How to use submodalities for quick behavioural fixes
  • How to get in control of your own internal representations
  • Know how to find the triggers that set off behaviour and thinking patterns

You will understand how and why submodalities format your reality. You will learn the difference between analog and digital submodalities. You will know how to derive the state a person is in through observing the representation channels and submodalities they are using at a certain moment in time.

The conscious use of language

  • How to successfully use language to produce your desired results
  • Know the difference between descriptive and evaluative language
  • Understand how to use your language creatively to achieve instant agreement with any person
  • Know how to customize your language to get on the same wavelength as any other person
  • Know what is assumed in a person’s speech
  • Know how to direct your client’s thinking through skilful language patterns

You will understand the structure of language to effortless alter a person’s internal representation when you speak to them. You will learn how make your language purposeful to achieve the results you want. 


  • Know how to get rid of any behaviour you wish
  • How to be totally in charge of your internal state
  • How to be able to access a given state eg happiness in any person at any time
  • Know how to collapse a negative emotion
  • Learn how to motivate yourself effortlessly
  • Learn how to be the creator of your own universe
  • Learn how to free yourself from an unhelpful internal response
  • Get rid of procrastination now and forever

You will be able to recognise why and how our behaviour is a series of anchors. You will learn how to set up and use a powerful resource anchor to assist you when you need to perform a difficult task. You will also learn how to fully use contagious states to make your life thoroughly enjoyable.


  • Why all our behaviours are related to a strategy
  • Learn the questions to elicit a person’s strategies
  • Know the elements and sequence of common strategies
  • Learn how our daily activity is generated by strategies
  • Know how to install or change a strategy
  • Discover the problems with a strategy and know how to correct it
  • Learn how to move towards what you want and away from what you don’t want

Strategies are the order and sequence of the internal and external representations we make to get a specific result. You will discover how people make decisions just from casual observation of their eye movements. You will improve your sales results by understanding how your customer makes a decision. You will also improve your ability to attract what you want in life.

Parts Integration – remove inner conflicts

  • Know how to deal with conflicts at the unconscious level
  • Remove the mental blockages that are affecting your performance
  • Get rid of any behaviour you wish
  • Learn how to move towards what you want in your life by elimination of uncertainty

If you have experienced the feeling that you want to do something but at the same time something is telling you that you don’t want to do it then you may have inner conflict. Once a functional blockage is superimposed on the nervous system it will interfere with the flow of information through the neural pathways. We will show you how to remove the blockages in the nervous system to allow the neural network communication to flow through smoothly. The more “parts” we have at the unconscious level the more chance there is of incongruent behaviour.

Learning Outcomes include:

  • Acquire the tools of change to heighten the results you want for your career, your life, relationships and your business
  • Gain the confidence that comes from really knowing what you are doing and how to do it more effectively
  • Learn what people are really saying and develop precise language skills to produce brilliant communication skills
  • Learn to read the body language and non-verbal language of others
  • Establish deep rapport with anyone you choose at any time - negotiations will run much more smoothly
  • Develop exceptional people and communication skills with a growing understanding of yourself and those around you others
  • Improve your interaction with other people and develop significantly better business, professional and personal relationships
  • Develop personal tools to enable you to manage conflict and your own internal state to give you complete control over your behaviour.
  • Develop the ability to persuade and influence others with integrity
  • Develop the ability to accept, adjust and welcome change confidently, quickly and effortlessly
  • Discover ways to overcome self sabotage
  • Gain greater clarity in setting and achieving your outcomes
  • Develop resourcefulness and flexibility
  • Develop skills and techniques to increase your productivity
  • Discover how NLP and hypnotherapy can enhance your business growth, personal achievements, goals and dreams

Again, for additional background information on exactly What is NLP? you can read more about it here.

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