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This intensive NLP and hypnotherapy training is suitable for people who wish to build on and further develop their NLP and hypnotherapy knowledge.

You will receive, integrate and understand what is needed to effortlessly deal with all kinds of people using truly advanced communication skills.

The benefits learned in this advanced program will provide you with the insights, courage and audacity to challenge your mind-set and produce spectacular results.

The program continues from where the NLP Practitioner program left off to show you how to perform at your peak in business, education or therapy.

You will learn Values, Meta Programs, Advanced Submodalities, Advanced Strategies, Modelling, Advanced Linguistics, Training Design, Public Speaking, Hypnotherapy, and Sleight of Mouth, and more.

You will learn a whole new level and powerful mode of thinking and communication to reach a new personal perspective.

You will know how to apply NLP patterns and techniques at a higher logical level and know how to apply them in coaching.


To gain a competitive advantage it is necessary to have a number of incisive communication skills ready and available in your toolbox. Exposure to the right training will accelerate this. Here’s what such a training can mean for you. Ideally, you want to build on and further develop your influential skills. This training will give […]

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In summary you will learn:

Personal Values

  • Why everything you do is done in order to fulfil a value
  • Why every behaviour is a way of moving toward a desirable feeling or an attempt
  • To avoid an undesirable one
  • Discover how values influence your motivation
  • Discover what constitutes your personal conscious and unconscious source of ethics
  • Learn how to identify the part of values that are out-dated and are not serving you
  • Identify and get eliminate unconscious values conflicts
  • Know how to use values to aid your personal development
  • Know how to change values so that they support your mission and growth
  • Know how to use values alignment in business, sales, and relationships

Meta Programs

  • Discover why meta programs determine which of our perceptions are selected for attention
  • Discover advanced patterns of thinking that control what you perceive
  • Determine how to change your meta programs
  • Learn how meta programs guide your mental processes to manage and direct other mental processes
  • Learn why meta programs are processes about or at a higher level than the mental processes they affect
  • Learn why meta programs behave like a thermostat to control your environment
  • Learn how to select the people you consider most suitable for certain jobs in a win-win situation (extremely valuable in business)
  • Learn how to elicit Meta Programs conversationally without intruding in a clients personal life

Advanced Submodalities

  • Realise the structure of your subjective experience
  • Learn how to use your hardwired neurological drivers to create lasting change
  • Learn how to manufacture designer swish patterns

Advanced Strategies

  • Learn how to install strategies formally and informally using the Logical Levels of Therapy process
  • Learn how to elicit strategies in business, sales and management applications
  • Learn advanced methods to apply NLP to study successful strategies
  • Know why two people with the same strategy can arrive at two very different results


  • Learn how to model excellence in others and then install the model in yourself
  • Learn how to create a training program to install models of excellence in others
  • Learn advanced techniques of elicitation, coding, utilization and teaching modelling
  • Learn advanced insights and skill in implicit and explicit modelling
  • Learn how to use NLP models in strategic and structural change processes in business

Advanced Linguistics

  • Learn how to change limiting beliefs using language patterns
  • Learn how to direct your questions to assist your client’s to think more positively
  • Learn how Prime Concerns affect a client’s well-being
  • Know how to use verb tenses to place present problems in the past and future
  • Solutions in the present
  • Assist others to think outside their previous limiting paradigms through advanced language and metaphor patterns

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

  • How to design a presentation that will appeal to all types of people
  • Learn the secrets of platform charisma
  • How to talk to differing levels of understanding or experience
  • How to make effective non-linear presentations
  • Using analogies and metaphors to draw on memorable images
  • How to use difficult or tricky questions to enhance students’ knowledge
  • How to develop a winning relationship between presenter, material and the audience
  • Learn the secrets of group calibration and rapport
  • Learn how to hold your audience spellbound
  • Discover how to use trance states and metaphor
  • Learn how to succeed with question and answer sessions

Training Design

  • How to design a training program that will appeal to all types of people
  • Understand the key elements of training design
  • How to deliver sequenced and chunked material that can be accessed no matter what individual learning styles are present in your group
  • Learn the four learning styles and training design
  • Know the concepts, principles, processes and procedures of an effective training model
  • Know how to clearing learning blocks
  • Know how to go beyond logical levels and how to track students thinking
  • Know how to chunk, sequence and shape learning behaviours
  • Learn evaluation and testing methods

Sleight of Mouth Patterns

  • Know how to influence, challenging and change beliefs
  • Be skilled at using a choice of words to redirect a listener's attention
  • Know how to alter a client’s perception of their own limiting beliefs, values or attitudes
  • Learn how to relax the restrictions our thinking limitations impose
  • Learn how to become more persuasive
  • Learn how to help people to overcome learning disabilities
  • Learn how to become more confident in everything you do
  • Help others to stop smoking
  • Help others to lose weight
  • Teach people how to sell more
  • Teach people how to improve their relationships
  • Learn the ability to use language to redirect attention and perception to create an alternate internal experience

At your disposal will be advanced skills that can be used in negotiations, transformation, communication, public speaking, coaching, sales and training, areas of conflict and so on. The training includes advanced hypnotherapy techniques.

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