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A successful outcome in many situations is likely to depend on your relationship and communication skills.

Superior communication is the difference that makes the difference.

Extraordinary skill in this area will skyrocket your influence, your results, your career, and your relationships.
So, it pays to do it well.

The quality of how you communicate will directly impact your results whether you are selling your services, products, ideas or competing for business.

The aim here is to dramatically increase your personal and professional performance by using creative, incisive, inductive, deductive, and hypnotic language that influences and persuades. And be able to do this easily and effortlessly.

What will happen?
You will close more sales.
You will make more money.
You will strengthen relationships with clients, colleagues, superiors, and importantly, with your loved ones.
You will get an enormous boost in confidence.
You will benefit immensely both professionally and personally.

So, you will learn and have the know-how to work the crowd in a completely distinctive and unbeatable way.

Communicate With Surprise

How can you make sure your core message, the essence, the pure essence of what you need to communicate, hits the target? When you want the central theme of your message to be heard, to be paid attention to, how can you give yourself a much better chance of succeeding? Here’s a way. One of […]

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How to Read Minds

Imagine the advantage of knowing you know what somebody is thinking! Just imagine how useful it would be in a business context. Well, perhaps it’s possible! The ability to read someone’s mind could transform your results in any number of areas. Obviously, if you did know what somebody was thinking it would put you in […]

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How to Get a Yes Every Time

How can you convince a person to say “yes” when their natural instinct is to say “no”? This leads to a simple question, why is it normal for someone to refuse what you would like them to consider? Why do they say “no” so quickly? So often a glance at the body language and facial […]

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How to Influence TIP 6

Welcome to another How to Influence suggestion. As said, clearly, knowing HOW to influence others will improve your results. And, to repeat, you will literally transform your communication skills by using powerful suggestions. THe trick is to use them in combinations. Obviously, when applied with skill, these techniques can tip the scales in your favour, […]

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How to Influence TIP 5

What is communication, effective communication? Perhaps it boils down to having the ability to influence other people. Clearly, knowing HOW to influence others can dramatically improve your results. You can literally transform your communication skills by using these powerful suggestions. It’s best to use them in combinations. Obviously, when applied with skill, these techniques can […]

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How To Influence TIP 4

Here’s how a simple three-letter word that when used creatively with the right tone can swiftly enhance your ability to influence others. “I don’t think I have mentioned this to you…YET” Yes, this suggestion makes use of the, well, soon to be magical word YET. If you make a statement about something a person wants […]

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How To Influence TIP 3

One of the most popular songs of all time, for good reason, is the John Lennon song Imagine. That led me to think about the power of the imagination and how it can be used to really ramp up your ability to influence people. When you ask somebody to imagine something it directs their awareness […]

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How To Influence TIP 2

Most of us, of course, face problems on a daily basis. We often have a tendency to make a problem bigger than it truly is. We disproportionately attach a meaning to a problem that is far bigger than its true value. So, we take a sizeable problem and make it quite huge, so massive in […]

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How To Influence TIP 1

I would like to begin to share with you some very simple language patterns. They can go a long way to help you to enhance your communication skills, and in particular, help you to become more influential and persuasive. I think it’s fair to say that in life your ability to succeed will to a […]

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