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Irrespective of any previous exposure to NLP and emotional intelligence this training will allow you to map the belief structure of a person.

You will also be capable of determining why you have certain set beliefs.
These skills will allow you to unpack other people’s cognitive processes.

The training will provide you with the ability to track beliefs which may be limiting.

Powerful modelling techniques can be used to finely hone your skills and you will be competent at inductive and deductive reasoning.

Knowing how to pattern match belief systems will give you the skills to model and re-program any belief. This information can be transformative.

There are more instructive notes on what you can learn from this training at the bottom of the page.

Change Beliefs PART TWELVE

Tomorrow morning when you wake up, would you like to rise with a sense of energy and vitality? Would you like to combine a feeling of relaxation with a sharp sense of alertness as you make contact with the world? Such a combination of vitality and inner peace can transform your day. Here’s some simple […]

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Change Beliefs PART ELEVEN

Your results are based on your habits. Can a frequently practiced habit be eliminated? Yes, and here’s how. Without changing at least one core belief it is highly likely nothing you do will change a habit. Habits are notoriously tough to break. Will power is useful, but like all New Year’s resolutions, it is difficult […]

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Change Beliefs PART TEN

If you want a personal breakthrough decide to tackle, confront and eliminate a limiting belief. And now is the right time! As you learn and grow, as you develop, you unconsciously register your memories and life experiences. More specifically, all significant emotional events are stored in your subconscious. And often these experiences result in negative […]

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Change Beliefs PART NINE

You can overcome any self-doubt that might be holding you back. In this video I’d like to show you one way to do this. Once it is accepted that you literally learn a number of limiting beliefs relatively early in life, it becomes imperative to understand the impact they can have on the results that […]

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Change Beliefs PART EIGHT

Certain specific beliefs can hold you back. So, why not begin identifying and challenging them? Beliefs can be tracked. You can take the biggest problems in life and with a little investigation uncover the problems that limit you – the beliefs that hold you back. You can deduce how a person makes a decision from […]

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Change Beliefs PART SEVEN

Would you like to improve the results you are getting in well, ANY area of your life? If yes, this is the perfect time to look at your beliefs. There is a direct correlation between your results and your beliefs. Beliefs that limit you play a significant role in the habits you learn. They strengthen […]

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Change Beliefs PART SIX

Do you ever find yourself getting tangled in what seems like a web of problems? Or keep duplicating behavior that doesn’t get the best results? If so, perhaps it’s time to look at your beliefs. It is an eye-opener to take a personal inventory of your habits. Most people get caught up doing the same […]

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Change Beliefs PART FIVE

Several of your present beliefs were established at a time when you didn’t have the resources to resist their influence. Perhaps it’s time to reflect on how well some of them are serving you today. Let’s say you can identify a number of limiting beliefs you have. If you write them down – this incidentally […]

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Change Beliefs PART FOUR

Most of the key decisions you make are linked to your memories. This is particularly true when it comes to those important decisions you have made about your own skills, talents and attributes. They go to the heart of your identity and unfortunately some of these decisions in turn become limiting beliefs and they can […]

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Change Beliefs PART THREE

Beliefs are formed through experience, so it is small wonder we hold on to them with a firm, vice-like grip. Since a belief is accepted as being true we continue to find the evidence to support and confirm this view. When you think something is true you will always find the proof. We make such […]

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Change Beliefs PART TWO

A simple truism: The results in your life are based on your behaviour. In the previous part I said: “Tell me your beliefs and I’ll tell you what your life looks like.” Well, the most productive and effective way to change your behaviour is to change your beliefs. Now, virtually all behaviour is chosen. The […]

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It is a standalone training aimed at teaching you how to use inductive and deductive reasoning to determine the thinking patterns a person uses. Inductive reasoning in particular is very powerful.

You will learn how to effectively model human expertise, as well as track and modify a person’s limiting beliefs system. You will learn elegant how to use of “Sleight of Mouth” patterns and modelling skills to elicit entire subsets of a person’s belief systems without attempting to alter their mind.

This prevents people getting defensive because they are unaware change is taking place at the unconscious level.

It is additionally important to understand the role your personal values play in your life and how your beliefs depend upon them.

You will learn:
- How to elicit strategies
- How to recognise patterns
- How to track human reasoning
- How to be a more effective decision maker

If you are keen to learn:
- How to model human subjectivity and excellence
- How to elegantly and easily alter an unhelpful belief system
- How to gain automatic sleight of mouth mastery
- How to change a belief elegantly
- How to gain the experience needed to create new models of thinking

Then this is the perfect training for you. Beliefs are important!

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