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Welcome to another Get Going Activity – how to begin the day feeling absolutely terrific.

As a rule of thumb it can be accepted that 2/3 of body is made up of water.

It is the main component of the human body. Your muscles are 75% water and your brain is made up of 90% of water.

Even your bone has 22% water, and your blood contains 83% water.

The functions of water in the body are clearly vital.

Water transports nutrients and oxygen into your cells.

It helps with your metabolism. It regulates your body temperature.

It protects your joints, and so on.

So, every cell in your body needs water from the top of your head to your little toes.

This is why it is so crucial to get enough fluid inside you.

Given your brain is made up of 90% water, it makes sense to give it a good drink to make sure it functions properly.

Dehydration causes all kinds of problems, so avoid all of this by starting the day feeling fabulous by having a big, healthy cold drink.

Have a great day.
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