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In this short series I will look at how you can read and use the features staring right at you when you are in communication with someone face to face.
This information will complement your ability to read the body language on show.

It is possible to quickly assemble baseline characteristics of a person from their face alone.
And this can be done literally in a matter of seconds.

Whether you are aware of it or not, there is a constant stream of pertinent data coming your way through your senses when you are sitting opposite a person.

It makes perfect sense to take what is being unconsciously observed and extract conscious information from it to help you communicate far more effectively.

This will give you a head start when you wish to gain an insight into what essentially makes a person tick. Play it smart – learn the art and science of body language since it does complement face reading knowledge perfectly.

Know both disciplines well and you will enjoy watching your communication skills and results explode!

Face Reading PART TWENTY

In a previous part I covered how the nose points the way. In fact, just about everything you have follows your nose! And the nose has so much to tell you. Yes, it’s your the nose that leads the way! Size, strength and proportion compared with the rest of the face are relevant because they […]

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Face Reading PART TWO

Face reading can add to your arsenal when you wish to understand what essentially makes a person tick. The intention is to gather game-changing information that is, well, staring you in the face. The task is to convert unconscious signals into conscious knowledge to help you to “get” a person at a deeper level which […]

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Face Reading PART THREE

Face reading can be used to accelerate and deepen your communication skills. The combination of body language expertise and face reading insights will strengthen your rapport skills and enable you to achieve this. Here are the next three common facial structures and what can be learnt from them. Triangle Shape Generally, these people are stubborn […]

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Face Reading PART FOUR

By observing what is right in front of you, staring you in the face, it is possible to quickly pick up specific attributes of a person to help you to understand what essentially makes them tick. This will enable you to communicate in an intuitive, perceptive and intelligent way. The result? You will light up […]

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Face Reading PART FIVE

The face reveals a wealth of information about someone without them uttering a single word. It exposes the hidden you and the internal influences that drive and guide you in your everyday actions, your everyday life. So far I have mentioned that you need to notice the overall shape of the face, whether it is […]

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Face Reading PART SIX

Given the face reveals a wealth of information about someone without them speaking a single word, it makes perfect sense to tap into some of its potential. Let’s begin to look at the prominent features of the face. There is a vast amount of information on show, so the emphasis will be restricted to those […]

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Face Reading PART SEVEN

The focus of this part will be on the eyes. I will look at certain elements, primarily the size, level and the distance apart. But first some pertinent information about the eyes. Those people who are familiar with Neuro Linguistic Programming – NLP – will be aware that eye pattern detection is an important part […]

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Face Reading PART EIGHT

The focus of this part will be the eyebrows. Now your eyebrows play a significant role in revealing how you feel. For example, raised eyebrows can show surprise, fear, submission or a request for approval. Lowered eyebrows reveal emotions such as contempt, disgust, dominance, aggression and anger. The eyebrows come together when a person is […]

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Face Reading PART NINE

The focus of this part will be the nose. Everything follows the nose. It literally stands out. It’s the nose that leads the way! Its size, strength and proportion compared with the rest of the face indicates how a person projects their personality. Six different shapes are relatively easy to recognise: Turned Up, Hawk, Greek, […]

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Face Reading PART TEN

Welcome to Part Ten of how to use face reading to improve your communication skills. Every feature of the face has a meaning and relates to the personality and behaviour of a person. For example, the lips can provide information about the sensual nature of an individual. Which brings me to the focus of this […]

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Face Reading PART ELEVEN

Welcome to Part Eleven of how to use face reading to increase your ability to understand people and enhance your communication skills. In a business context, this will give you the much sought after competitive edge. What does the chin reveal? In normal circumstances, the chin tells you about someone’s WILL to get what they […]

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Face Reading PART TWELVE

Ideally, you want a competitive advantage and having these insights can help you to achieve this. Well, we have two of them but many of us do not exercise them enough! Yes, you’ve guessed it – let’s talk about the ears. What do your ears tell you? Normally, the ears provide information about someone’s courage […]

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Welcome to Part Thirteen of how to use face reading to gain specific insights into the nature and personality of a person you are communicating with. It’s got a rather unusual name and it is easy to overlook, but the crease under the nose to the mouth can provide you with an interesting perspective on […]

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Welcome to Part Fourteen of how to use face reading to gain an overall and speedy impression of a person you are communicating with. Given the muscles in the face move in a habitual fashion, the lines on the face get formed progressively overtime. These lines help to identify the unique characteristics of someone’s personality. […]

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If you gain a person’s trust they are likely to want to spend more time with you. Having the ability to read how a person is feeling will allow you to adjust the way you communicate and give a strong impression of your empathetic nature. You will be more credible, earn trust, and gain an […]

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Perhaps one of the least specifically observed features of the face are the eyelashes. Yet they can provide meaningful clues about a person’s current state and personality type. In fact, the eyelashes accentuate the way the eyes blink and point to the likely sensitivity of a person. In this part I would like to show […]

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You can use face reading as a conduit to gain an immediate and better understanding of the person you are communicating with. Move slightly away from the face and you can glean some fascinating information to aid your face reading insights. Yes, I’m referring to the neck. In this part I would like to show […]

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Imagine the advantage you would enjoy when you are dealing with a person, particularly for the first time and in a business or professional context, to be able to quickly make an assessment of how best to deal with them. I call this the magic minute, although it’s more like a 5 second grab, because […]

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Assume you are in a situation where you want to quickly assess how switched on a person is likely to be and gauge their strengths, when you need to deal with them. Let’s assume it is a business meeting of some kind. What can you do? For a start you know how important it is […]

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