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This is a workshop literally packed with valuable information on how to tackle problems using your emotions. So, what are emotions? Please read What is Emotional Intelligence?

Personality can be characterized by many abilities, skills, motives, feelings, and characteristic tendencies.

Emotional intelligence is a very important variable in this mix. Emotional intelligence describes a critical set of connections between intellect, on the one hand, and emotion on the other.

Our personalities, including our abilities, have many different parts. Emotional intelligence plays a significant role in determining whether we can make good decisions.

It is a critical part of a person’s ability to cope, and also indicates to what degree they will prosper. You can continue to read more thoughts on Emotional Intelligence at the botttom of this page.

How to Solve Problems With Emotional Intelligence

Imagine a situation: You are in a discussion and it looks like it could evolve into a disagreement, even descend into a disagreement, and probably will lead to argument. So when you’re faced with a challenging situation where it seems likely an emerging either-or-conflict situation will arise, what can you do? Well, here’s a simple […]

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How to Persuade With Emotional Intelligence PART THIRTEEN

Would it surprise you if I suggested that I find many people, particularly men, tend to get confused about emotional intelligence? They seem to be unsure of exactly what it is, how much they have of it, hopefully some, and whether it is at all useful. Well, here’s a handful of indicators that can help […]

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How to Persuade With Emotional Intelligence PART TWELVE

How often do you allow your emotions to get the better of you? Should you suppress your emotional reactions to most everyday events, and focus instead on thinking more logically, rationally and clearly? In fact, do you allow your emotional reactions to play a significant part in your overall results? So, where do you place […]

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How to Persuade With Emotional Intelligence PART ELEVEN

In today’s world one of the most endemic emotions is anxiety. Many people are unaware that they in fact are quite anxious each and every day. Anxiety is just a normal everyday condition for many people. However, overtime it can take a heavy toll on anyone’s health. Here’s how to find out if this emotion […]

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How to Persuade With Emotional Intelligence PART TEN

Emotional intelligence is all about the effective use of emotions. Charles Darwin spoke about this in the 1800’s a long time ago, so it has been around for a considerable amount of time. Incorporating emotions and emotional information into your decision-making, problem solving and thinking, and being highly competent at shifting your mood will allow […]

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How to Persuade With Emotional Intelligence PART NINE

It is always useful to ask yourself a simple question when you are faced with a situation where you will be meeting with someone you want to influence and persuade. This is an opportunity to use your communication skills based on emotional intelligence. By preparing yourself you can actively get into the right state and […]

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How to Persuade With Emotional Intelligence PART EIGHT

Clearly, having the skill to match, mirror and lead people during an important conversation is more than useful. After all, we want to get our goals. Prior to an appointment you can ask yourself 3 simple questions to set the scene and get yourself into the right frame of mind: One: How are you feeling […]

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How to Persuade With Emotional Intelligence PART SEVEN

Using your emotions can help you to achieve your goals. Being adept at matching and mirroring people you are communicating with can also lead to terrific results. If you can do this skillfully, you can then lead a person to make decisions in your favor. Clearly, being able to shift state rapidly in any circumstance […]

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How to Persuade With Emotional Intelligence PART SIX

We have discussed a scale of negative emotions running from Apathy – “What’s the point?” to Pride “Look at all my toys!” and the higher up the scale you go the more success you will enjoy. However, with negative emotions there is a danger of slipping back down the scale. Now we accept that emotions […]

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How to Persuade With Emotional Intelligence PART FIVE

Communication is much more than just settling for airing your own point of view. Your communication skills will be advanced when you decide to become skilful at reading the emotions of the person you are communicating with. There are so many non-verbal signals to read and understand. Facial expressions, posture, gestures, tone of voice, and […]

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How to Persuade With Emotional Intelligence PART FOUR

The ability to communicate effectively is so important if you want to achieve consistent, winning results. However, to achieve extraordinary results requires something more. The ability to tap into emotional intelligence as part of your communication skills is the difference between competence and excellence. The ability to identify your own emotional state and the state […]

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How to Persuade With Emotional Intelligence PART THREE

The ability to communicate in a normal, articulate way may not be enough to give you the winning edge in today’s competitive business world. Having the ability to communicate in a different way through emotional intelligence, however, is critical. Emotional Intelligence is the capacity for recognising our own feelings and those of others, for motivating […]

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How to Persuade With Emotional Intelligence PART TWO

At Know Your Mind we are advocates of the MSCEIT model of emotional intelligence. This model assesses how well people actually do a task rather than how well they believe they do the task. Ability models assess actual performance rather than rely on perceptions. We cover the major aspects of emotional intelligence and its overall […]

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We live in a competitive world, and there is often the need to separate ourselves from our competitors. How can this be done?

Many people feel a sense of brittleness and fragility when it comes tounderstanding and tackling their emotions. Of course, we don't expect to be always in a happy state.

However, the emotionalresponse we demonstrate can be inappropriate. How we react emotionally is extremely important and has a huge bearing on the results we will achieve.

It is vital to realise that our emotions are always in play before we take any action. Emotions are signals and must be identified, used, understood and managed correctly.

If you want to be confident and happy, you must pay attention to your emotions and emotional response.

Emotional intelligence involves the ability to perceive, appraise, and express emotion, to access and generate feelings when they facilitate thought.

Emotional intelligence allows you to understand emotion and emotional knowledge. Emotional intelligence can help you to regulate your own emotions to promote your emotional and intellectual growth. Confidence and self-esteem are the result.

Again, for additional background information on exactly What is Emotional Intelligence? you can read more about it by clicking here.

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