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Without thinking too hard about it, it is pretty clear that thinking in a more creative way could produce significantly better results.

Creative thinking techniques can be used to encourage all of us to think in a more productive way.

Let’s begin by taking a new look at problems.

Given we have the same hardware the likes of Aristotle and Einstein had available, why not tap into similar techniques they used to produce such remarkable results of such enormous benefit to mankind?

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It is also worthwhile reading the information on accelerated learning as it is highly complementary given it contains some extremely useful pointers and tips to aid your creativity.

How to Think Creatively PART NINE

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How to Think Creatively PART EIGHT

When people feel overwhelmed with the scale of a problem they will rarely act. This is particularly true when a problem is seen through statistical eyes – some kind of thinking in numbers. The desire to act can fade quickly. Let’s discuss how to inspire people to believe they can get what they want. Once […]

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How to Think Creatively PART SEVEN

How readily do you accept that you actually have an unlimited capacity to achieve virtually anything you set your heart on? Or do you believe you are relatively limited in what you are actually capable of producing? Let’s find out. Most people tend to think their ability to excel is somewhat curtailed by their education, […]

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How to Think Creatively PART SIX

Sometimes a solution to a problem seems a million miles away. And it can get you down. Previously I mentioned the benefits of changing your environment to help solve a difficult problem. I’d like to chat a little more about this. The more you are used to something, the less stimulating it is for your […]

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How to Think Creatively PART FIVE

The way you deal with ideas and day to day situations will largely depend upon your accumulated experiences. Generating a wider range of perspectives is seldom practiced. After all, you don’t fix what you know works. But this tendency can make some problems seem incredibly daunting, and a solution far too elusive. Creative thinking can […]

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How to Think Creatively PART FOUR

How can you apply the power of your creative thinking to find solutions to problems that refuse to go away? Here are more examples to make this happen. I have mentioned Kipling’s six honest serving men previously. You can use these servants to better serve you. These servants represent the six basic questions that you […]

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How to Think Creatively PART THREE

If you find yourself, perhaps on occasions unsure of the steps you may need to take to meet a dream, a goal, a challenge, or even a set of problems, then it will be of considerable help if you could find a way to apply your innate, creative thinking ability to the situation. What exactly […]

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How to Think Creatively PART TWO

Are you stuck and struggling with a problem, a challenge right now? Well, if you accept that every problem has one or more solutions, then thinking differently can help you to create the ideal solution. Let’s discuss a way of doing this. In the previous part I mentioned the benefit of thinking in opposites. Here […]

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Today we face so many problems of every shape, colour and size. We seem to be surrounded by the pesky things, and given they refuse to go away, a new thinking style may be a blessing. So, here’s three ideas.

1. Look at New Perspectives
The challenge is to look at a problem in more than one way to generate options which may lead to solutions. Realistically, we only ever look at a problem in one way, and one way only. By looking outside the problem a solution may be staring you in the face.

If you understand the structure of a problem you can restructure it in a different way which may help you to come up with one or more solutions. The problem itself may undergo metamorphosis and change into a whole new problem!

2. Think Metaphorically
The ability to perceive a resemblance between two separate areas of existence and then link them together is a special gift, but it does take practice.

You can even leave words alone and go ahead and visualize solutions. Doodle, transform, use diagrams, form the problem in many different ways, create picture perfect possibilities.

Just allow your creative juices to flow and make up a metaphor that seems to represent the problem, and then make up an opposite metaphor, a completely different metaphor. You can go from stuck to unstuck, for example.

3. Think in Opposites
If you can hold two opposites in your mind at the same time, together, it will suspend your thought, and your mind can move to a new level.

This is a way to get past thinking logically and rationally and instead focus on using other parts of your brain to come up with something powerfully elegant and creative. New concepts can suddenly emerge to complement the singularity of the way we perceive a problem.

Just go ahead and give yourself permission to think more creatively. All problems have more than one solution and they are all well within reach. Get into the habit of thinking up new ways of looking at a problem. Connect, create, invent and apply.

Remember, you have many faces, many skills, many talents, and many terrific attributes, so why not to put them to use?

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