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Believe it or not, non-verbal information. your body language, approximates to about 55% of communication.

So, the art and science of reading body language is vital to ensure your message is reaching its target in the most advantageous way.

Today it is possible, with the right training, to detect someone’s thoughts, emotions, mood and subsequent behaviour. It’s better to leave nothing to chance!
The truth is that the body always speaks the truth.

Consider the following:
Is it possible to know whether someone likes you or not, even before a word is spoken?
Is it possible to know someone’s thoughts and feelings by observing their body language?
Is it possible to influence someone without even saying a single word to them?
Is it possible to know whether someone is telling the truth?


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Now, a quick question: What is communication?

Sounds simple enough and I guess we all have a meaning for it, but are you taking conscious notice and advantage of the body’s elaborate and powerful secret code, known commonly as your body language? Or to be more accurate and precise, as your nonverbal communication.

So, welcome to this series on how to send and receive information, both consciously and unconsciously to get brilliant results. A person’s real intentions are revealed unconsciously through this secret code, and, of course, you may unwittingly be sending similar signals to others. This language is used by all of us though few people pay conscious attention to it.

These signals go way beyond the spoken word. However, in addition to reading Skyrocket Your Persuasion – my book on influential language patterns – a perfect linguistic companion to non-verbal language, you need to learn the art and science of body language to fully succeed as an expert communicator.

It comes down to your two minds – the conscious and unconscious. These two minds play completely different roles in the way in which you communicate.

The conscious mind is focused on decoding the spoken words in a conversation. It attempts to make rational sense of what is being said. This is a thinking process that occurs at lightning speed. Most of the time we talk and listen, and at the same time as we listen we are busily preparing how to respond.

What about the unconscious or subconscious mind? In reality, it does most of the heavy lifting in so many areas of your life. Its influence unknowingly dominates the conversation. If properly understood it will reveal what is actually taking place. It is the most honest and reliable source of communication.

From birth certain parts of the brain are wired and rewired according to your nonverbal reactions to others. And the brain goes ahead and imprints the unconscious.

If you lose touch with the natural language of the body you will more than likely send unintentional signals from time to time and sometimes when it matters. Sadly, most of us fail to consciously observe what is happening.

For the way you communicate to fully succeed these signals need to be understood, used and controlled, so you can communicate in the most positive and effective way. In other words, send the messages you want to send. And be skilful at reading those being sent to you. This gets results.

It boils down to self-awareness. Once you are self-aware you are in a position to adjust your own signals to get the very best outcome in any conversation. This will undoubtedly lead to greater and more consistent success.

If you are prepared to learn the fundamental principles and a few tricks of this secret language you will be skilful at tapping into the brains natural and highly evolved communication system to greatly enhance your ability to read the signals on show and be adept at controlling your own. You will send ONLY those messages that help you to achieve your goals.

Communication success flows from uncovering the “hidden” signals constantly on display

This equally applies to your own body language signals as well as the people you are communicating with. To influence what other people think or feel about you, it is imperative to send the right signals. Your success in any endeavor depends upon this.

People unknowingly pick up at the unconscious level how trustworthy you are. This is particularly crucial in sales situations. Once a keen knowledge of essential body language gestures is understood you will have at your fingertips a way to alter your approach and secure a feeling of trust.

Without trust you will not succeed. Without body language skills you may never know why you are not succeeding. Body language expertise can be gained quickly through intelligent body language coaching. It can make a huge difference to your results.

Skill in this area is mandatory in today’s competitive business environment It is also important to understand the differences between male and female bodily gestures. Not knowing can be costly whether in a sales or personal situation.

If you have body language espertise you will be able to handle any situation with confidence.

As stated earler, in addition to reading Skyrocket Your Persuasion – my book on influential language patterns – a perfect linguistic companion, you must learn the art and science of body language to fully prosper.

The Secrets of Body Language Will Transform Your World

You will boost your career and relationships. People will instantly like you. They will prefer to deal with you and not your competitors. You will multiply your sales. You will become unstoppable because your self-confidence will soar.

It is said that we create 11 impressions in the first 7 seconds of meeting someone. Being able to read body language and having body language expertise and knowledge will guarantee that you will be instantly liked and trusted. This sets the scene for ongoing confidence and gets results.

Just remember, words are not enough. In fact it is said that the words used are a mere 7% of communication; 38% being the tone you use, and a whopping 55% through your body language.

Having the ability to read a person’s emotions is much the same as being able to read their mind. This alone will guide your actions and prevent you from making serious mistakes.

You will gain authority, trust, likeability and respect. If you can read people you are in a position to inspire them.

Every action you take is a form of communication and will be read by another person at least unconsciously. You will be judged through your gestures. Even if you are using the most poetic language you may still find it difficult to gain approval.

Never allow your body language to contradict the words you are using. Body language expertise through the right body language coaching can make a world of difference to your results.

Play it smart – learn the art and science of body language and watch your communication skills and results explode! Even smarter, take an interest in face reading since it does complement body language knowledge. The more you can learn about a person the better your chances of being able to influence them.

So, I asked a simple question earlier: what is communication? The quick answer is this: It’s about harnessing the power of nonverbal messages so you can enjoy life and career changing results and become a master communicator.

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